Invalid game servers?

I took a break from Conan these last two weeks and now the servers I play on show as invalid. Upon searching the internet, I reached a reddit post from 2018 or something like that that said it is because the ggame got updated but the server didn’t.

Is this the case or did I screw something up? I downloaded a bunch of mods, but none of them are active and these servers are vanilla.

Obs: Not all servers are like invalid, and I can cloud game the xbox servers just fine.

Restart Steam

I`m using gamepass

Oof… from what I’ve heard with that is it can be slow to push updates given from Funcom. That just takes patience as far as I know.

What do you mean by that? Is my game not updated or are the servers not updated?
This is what I have

For some reason, Gamepass takes a while for every user to get updates when pushed. Steam on the other hand is a bit better. And when I mean better, if someone doesn’t get it on Steam, restarting it usually works. I’m not exactly sure how or if you can force Gamepass to push the update.

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Almost a week later and I still can’t play the game. Funcom, where is the update on Gamepass???

As I said before, Gamepass is one of the worst for receiving updates. Funcom just released another update today and if you haven’t gotten the last one by now, there is an issue on your Gamepass application. I don’t know if you can reinstall it or contact support, but recommend doing either.

If you haven’t purchased any DLC, Battlepass, or Bazaar items on your gamepass version, I recommend buying the Steam version and ensure you get updates on day one.

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Im reinstalling the game. Hopefully this will fix things.

Reinstalling the game solved the issue. No way I’m gonna download 86Gb every patch.

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