Inventory very dark

as the title says very dark inventory. You have to guess which object is to correct it is very annoying and affects the desire to play the game.

no mods installed, and video card updated and working correct.

It’s the filters… click the filters again to turn them off. You have a filter have enabled (the ‘shield’ looking one that means armor pieces in your personal inventory and the ‘fish’ looking one that means consumables in the station inventory) but you don’t have any armor pieces on your inventory.

Here, check this as taken from your picture:

All those filters do is to move up the matching items types and gray-out the non-matching ones. The ones highlighted in white are active while the ones dimmed off (grayed out) are not selected… just click on the active one again to turn it off and that would make all of them active, so your inventory would be back to normal.


it works thank you.
I wonder if there is any way to enable that option permanently and not every time one wants to access the objects

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I know of no way to disable it, but mine defaults to the way it was when I last used it.

Also, when you have a lot of recipes, it really comes in handy. It’s a quick way to filter so you can find what you want.

Best of game !


Yeah, as Jim1 says, I think it defaults to the last setting you used but it seems to be separate per container type, like chests, vs your recipe list, vs stations, etc. and it seems that it can randomly reset to different setting (seemingly random) at some point… but not sure why or how, I’m yet to be able to discern a pattern to that.

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