Invisibility and not moving characters

Hello guys, first, english is not my main language so sorry for any typos.

I play on a private server and I’m having the following issue: Other players randomly appear insivible OR get stuck on the same place. It’s just the playermodel that is stuck, I still can hear them perfectly fine.

I’ll try to explain, so please bear with me: A player is standing in front of me, then he walks and stops behind me, I hear his voice moving around but his characeter is still standing in front of me, I can’t see him moving. If I kick the player “ghost” that is stuck in front of me, he will get damaged even though hes not in that position anymore.

The problem occurs very frequently but is not 100%, so sometimes I can see people moving perfectly fine.

I’m the only player on the server having this issue.

Already completely reinstalled the game and mods.

Anyone has any ideia of what’s going on?

Anyway, thanks!

Please anyone help me, i am out of ideas, tried everything and my pc is good enough to run the game on Ultra

When was the last time the server was restarted?

It restarts every day twice

boop, anyone have a idea for a solution please

I sometimes experience something similar in single player, and this is because I play on a budget laptop.
You probably have a good computer, but still try lowering the graphics settings to low and see if the problem is gone.

lowered it from ultra to medium, no success

Is it that maybe the other player is trolling you maybe using an illusion something sorcery related?

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