Invisible holes prevent my thralls to follow me, when inside the volcano dungeon (The Exile Lands)

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Volcano instance in the exile lands is bugged to the bone!

My npcs wont follow me on plain terrain… instead they run around what seems to be an invisible hole on the ground, so i have to wait for them to circumvey whatever it is they see.

Also in the boss encounter, they will randomly refrain from entering the fight so im mostly kiting npcs to my thralls so we can deal with them.

Greetings @MightyZeus.

Thank you for taking the time to report this situation to us.

Would it be possible for you to please provide us with a video of this occurrence?

Hi there, ill visit the instance again today if possible

It’s something that messed up with the most recent patch , thralls won’t follow you past certain build heights, the volcano is higher than the rest of the map so it messes it up , but like for instance thralls can’t be placed up in west watch keep on official & you can’t use sorcery it says you are too far away

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