Iron shadows in the moon achievement

Hi everyone!

Yesterday we build a massive building, about 200 structures high, until we couldnt build any higher because it was simply not possible. Sadly we didnt get the achievement. Is there a trick or is it bugged? We dont want to use cheats. We build it infront of the obelisk near the hrungnir dungeon. Does someone know a trick?

We are playing on Ps4 on a private server.

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I got that trophye this way: scaling the highest peak in the volcano. It will not be an easy task though, so if you really want it, set your atributes to maximum agility and courage then go ahead and try it on; make sure you have light armour and some pieces to boost those atributes; one last thing: you’ll need the gripping boots and gloves to make it less painfull and save your stamina. Good lucky dude


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