Iron Tempest Gaming (4XG/1.5XExp) light RP/PVP MODS - AOC & PIPPI

Please join us on our server, we are light RP friendly and are a 24/7 PvP server (meaning you can attack anyone at anytime). Raid times are currently set for 8PM CST to 12PM CST Monday through Friday and then Saturday and Sunday for 48 hours (building damage will be turned on during these times).

Server Location: Chicago, IL

Server IP:

server Player Cap: 30 (Will increase with increased server traffic if needed)

Player EXP: 1.5 Player Harvesting: 4

Server restarts at midnight CST

Discord link: /

The discord server includes the rules in long form if you need more info and have Channels that can be dedicated for clan use upon request.

Quick rules list to see if you are interested

1 Global chat and discord will be clean, racism and harassment will not be tolerated and result in a warning, temp or perm ban depending on severity.

2 Obelisk camping is prohibited

3 Structure spamming to block resources is prohibited, this is a light RP server so any build must be kept realistic

4 Thralls and pets are restricted to 55 to align with the future update coming out

5 Forward operating bases are acceptable when raiding however once the raid is completed they will need to be dismantled

6 In the event of a server wipe structure damage will be disabled to accommodate players in building back up their resources and structures

7 Building during a base defense is prohibited, you can begin rebuilding after a reasonable amount of time has passed. (around 10-15 minutes)

8 Cheating, glitching, or exploits of any kind are not tolerated at all

9 Bases are limited to two per person or clan, building built to protect stables, or wheels of pain are not considered a base and are allowed.

10 Have fun and lets build a great community to play and enjoy Conan exiles!