Is Decay currently working for Playstation Private Servers? (May 2023)


I cannot get decay to work on my Playstation Server.
I have set decay time to half the default and stopped restarting the server (as I’ve read, server restarts reset decay timers).

But I can see that long abandoned bases have decay timers that always have 100% decay time remaining.

Does anyone have very details instructions on how to correctly setup decay?

Thank you!

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@sestus2009 can you help on this? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will try. If you’re sever has a zero days when logging in there is a problem. We have 2 severs one four years plus working properly the new one no decay zero days have not bothered to fix. However someone on the Forum after numerous calls to Gportal got it fixed it is a server settings that can be fixed wish I could tell you what one. When you talk to them you might mention that the majority of private playstation server’s are zero days. @Immortalowl @SegaDude . I might get off my butt next week and get ours fixed and write down the details. If you get yours fixed please post how for other’s.

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