Is full nudity still not available in us?

I havent been able to find out a better way to get the full game with that DLC. Only want to deluxe bundle once so I need to know which region is easier to obtain.

You should be able to buy it and then switch regions and download the dlc. You will need to make sure you have your region set to an accepted one each time you play or the dlc will deactivate.

Xboxs and the games aren’t region locked anymore but the DLCs are. UK, Australia and New Zealand all have access to it and are in English, you have to also change your language settings to match your set region so the Xbox switching to a country with a different language could make a mess

I’ve never tested this on the Xbox one, but it all works on the series X. It can be a pain to get it working sometimes


Thank you for your reply. I did buy the us version and as soon as I did the DLC was downloadable. I did have to change to uk in order to change the in game settings to full. Now I can finally try out the new map without worring I’ll have to rebuy it.


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