Nudity dlc unable to download

I just moved from the states to the Netherlands and seen this but i cant download it says not sold separately

You might have moved, but your Xbox is still in the states. Look into changing your locale to match where you live.

I did still will not let me says not sold separately

I hate to say this, but you will need to buy another copy of CE to get the “free” DLC to download.

Haha nah pass unless funcom wants too buy it im not wasting money

i think i read somewhere that to get the nudity dlc you have to have a physical copy nowdays

Uninstall the game, make sure your settings are for that region that allows it, go into the store and re-download the game from there (you do not have to re-buy the game). The nudity dlc will be a separate free add-on which should show up in that version of the store when you download the pegi version (if i remember correctly).

The trick is to download the game from that region’s pegi version store as your US version download wont let you get the add-on. Once you have the Pegi version game and add-on installed you could even uninstall the game and switch back to the US region and reinstall that version of the game and still be able to use the Nudity add-on

Only works with the digital version of the game as you cant download from the store if you have a hard copy.

When did i withdraw this post?

Was me. Wasn’t sure if I remembered this right it was over a year ago I tried it but I’m pretty sure it is correct unless they changed something. Mine still downloads correctly on the us version so you should be good.

What u said did not work wanted me to rebuy the game

It might have changed then it was a long time ago that I did this. Maybe try changing your region and re-downloading the game from your library instead of the shop then looking for the dlc in shop.

I know for a fact that you need to buy a new copy and it can be digital to get the “free” DLC. I did this just a few months ago.

Yeah but see thats bs cause im not rebuying a game just for content thats not really “free” and plus game freezing n crashing 4 to 5 time a log in not worth a rebuy lol this games more unstable then Ark

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