I don't have full nudity DLC!

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I downloaded the game after some time, but I don’t have the full nudity DLC.
I have a copy of the digital game, purchased in Game Preview, downloaded royal armor DLC and Jewel of the West DLC, but not full nudity DLC, why?
If I go into the store, it tells me it can’t buy or asks for a code for download.

hope you help me :slightly_frowning_face:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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It may be because of where you live. Some countries have full nudity others as USA only partial nudity on console. There might be a work around have not heard it mentioned lately.


They won’t but I will😁

It depends where you live as to whether it is available since different regions are governed by different ratings boards. For instance in NA we are governed by esrb and it is not available.

There is an extremely easy way around this however. I won’t type here how since im not sure if its a violation and I already have strikes on my account, but just search it on youtube.

From the information found, in Italy it is possible to download.

Yeah thats strange, if you are governed by PEGI you should be fine.
I live in Canada but for the 10 seconds it took to download the dlc I lived in Great Britain. Maybe move to Great Britain for a minute or two and see how you like it.

Keep in mind it was easily 2 years ago I did this.

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I have other friends in Italy and they have downloaded without problems.
I deleted and downloaded the game again today, but it doesn’t download the full nudity DLC, I was thinking is only for Season pass or Deluxe edition.

Like I said it was a long time ago but it was just a free add on back then.

Hi @Messia, we’ve reached out to you through DM to request further details in order to be able to assist you with this matter.