Is his texture supposed to look like this

I ran into this glowing skeleton/ghost thing, and he looks like he has this monochrome chrome kind of texture. It looks kind of bad so I was wondering if it was supposed to look like this or maybe he got the wrong texture?

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Those are wights and they are really like that.


They are A-holes but I love them! And now you can create them with the witchdoctor thing. I called my first one L.E.D ( light emitting dead, I know…terrible :rofl::joy::rofl: )


lol It might just be the rain that made him look like that now that I think about it.:joy:

The glow effect is pretty cool but how much HP do they get as a thrall? I might be better off with the berserkers.

Thralls over pets always IMO. The only benefit the undead have that make them quite effective in a steel run through the mounds is they do not get knocked back or interrupted. They just keep hacking and slashing.
The White’s are the second best you can create from the stable animations. Best are the Silent Legion warriors. But like pets they have a small % chance of being the end product.

So yeah, as a novelty and for base decorations the undead look sick but in a real fight bring a berserker or named thrall with full heavy plate and a big murder tool :metal::smiling_imp:


it is indeed sad they are so lame compared to a thrall. they make for great necromancer rp, but suck for any real combat.

what would be cool would be if there was an end game loop where you could “feed” undead thralls any of the religion harvested items (or fragment of power, you get the idea…), and they would grow a little more powerful. so given enough farming you could beef one up into something actually useful for fighting.

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That would make them really powerful though. I guess they’re good for PvE, though maybe not at higher levels.

So I am really new to the game, my understanding is that you can have lots of thralls doing your bidding but only one pet following you at a time. Do undead allies count at thralls or pets? Or something else?

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They’re the same as other pets, only one can follow you at a time.

Aww, I was sort of hoping for an undead army following me around one day. Still, good to know, thank you.

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If you’re on PC, betterthralls lets you have up to 4 followers.

Thanks! I will look into it. I haven’t messed with mods yet. So far I’ve been running around in single player.

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