Is it all going to be set in the desert?

I notice that all of the screenshots and gameplay footage I’ve seen of the game so far seem to set it in a desert environment, like one might find around Stygia or Turan. Nothing against that environment by itself, but I was hoping for more variety in terrains. What if you wanted to play a game in the rainforests south of Kush, the snowy tundra of Nordheim, or even the temperate domains of the Hyborian nations? I really hope we don’t have to wait for a DLC to see more landscapes than simply desert.

Right now it’s just desert (

Afaik, the Black Colossus story didn’t take place outside of it, so they likely won’t start expanding the base game with those for now, but it’s worth suggesting.

Stuff like this would really help the game feel more complete. Going from what little they have released online, the game still seems rather lackluster to me. I’m hoping to be proved wrong.