Is it possible to log into a server without being visible as a player?

Is it possible to log into a server but not be counted on the players list? Or to log in “silently”?

If i am not wrong it is . On pvp servers if u do not speak in any chat ur name does not appears in the player list… A more experienced pvper should confirm it though…

Yes, but it will get you banned quick

I dunno if that’s a server setting or something but on the private PVP server I log into regularly, I can see people as soon as they log on - they don’t need to chat in order to show in the “Player List”. I haven’t thought to check that on the Officials I log into less regularly.


pippi has a setting option to announce to everyone when someone login, logout, dies (or is killed by). But what i want to know if there is a way to enter a server, even as admin but in a way that you are not counted by the server as an active player. For example if the server is empty that you log in and the player conter stays in 0

I would love if I could (PS player) since I’m a stealth player 90% of the time.

No it is not possible, unless its PVP time. During PVP you name will not show up in the list unless you talk in chat then it will show up during PVP. If you log on during non PVP then your name will show up and theres nothing u can do about it.


In PVP servers normally your name appears hidden to the other players but the admin can still see the names on the list. Other players will be able to see your name if you are nerby or you say something in the chat. What i meant is if there is a command or a way to enter a server “silently” so your name does not appears on the list at all

To put it simply no there is not. The only way to be " invisible " is to turn on cloak and invisible as an admin. The player list will not show you in the escape menu if you as an admin disable shown player list but the server dash on conan server browser will still count you in player count. @vf22sturmvogel

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