Is it time to improve console updating methods yet?

My REASONS lead to my assumption. My REASONS are valid, hence my assumption. You dismiss my REASONS again.

The devs telling us something in a strem and what actualy happens does differ occasionally. Because you seen some consoles on a shelf somewhere dosent meam they are used.

I speak only of my opinion and why i have it. My opinion is the same, either inadequate or no testing is done. How do you explain a patch bug that removes all player profiles from official servers getting to live content?

This is not accurate. Sony is as strict as they come, and they are legendary for killing the hopes/dreams of sloppy devs. That Funcom has made it this far is a testament to their process.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble, but the litany of past problems you evoke simply doesn’t mesh with the state of the game now. I came here in Early Access and started playing on the PC because I could not wait for the console version. I’ll resume playing on the PS4 when we’re at parity, plus a couple bugfixes. This is a monumental feat, giving 3-way access to this amazing game. There are always trade-offs.

Quoting this as an edit. You cannot soft overdrive an Atom or Jaguar processor.

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Im not concerned with the timeframes. Its part of the process, same as sick days, holidays, vacations, 40 hour a week limitations, etc. It is all perceivable as delays and required time to complete a task.

My concern it tje final product and its quality

If content fails, it is due to sloppy devs, as you said yourself.

Thats a quality issue.

Those reasons i listed are all most recent Big Boy Bugs i could find, going back just a few months. It is currently the state of console. The present.

Many games exist on pc and console. Its not an amazing feat. Its just done properly, with quality.

Oh also forgot to mention that for each patch the game developers have to pay Microsoft and Sony for each one they put out which is also a dam good reason they don’t put out patch one after the other. I think that part it truly stupid that they have to pay to update their game. I get why but still

If the submitted content worked as intended, was written and accurately tested, it would pass 1st submission and incur a single cost per patch.

Quality issue

Yes but I mean it also slows it down to cause it’s still stupid people have to pay to update the game it really really really really really is. And I know the owner of Sony and Microsoft are not broke

I hear you. Its part of a contract both console manufacturers and game companies enter. It is a known cost to the companies before they agree to the processes the manufacturers use. It is to be expected, both as a cost and a delay. Every game, every company, every patch. The same.

I quite agree, and you’ve been perfectly consistent on that. I’m just trying to suggest that Funcom receives both types of demands from the overall player base (‘we want it right’ and ‘we want it now’) and that trying to balance between those demands is yet another pressure complicating things.

My personal opinion is that I’d like to see Funcom take a bit longer over patches in general - I’d rather see them more polished and less frequent. But that’s just my (our) preference. The sad reality is that, within a couple of weeks of any update Funcom puts out, loud voices rapidly start complaining that there’s ‘no new content’ and the ‘game is dead’ - and it’s got to be hard for Funcom to judge what the player base overall wants.


Often from the same people. It’s not that infrequent that the people demanding their patches NOW then turn around and complain that the patch is BROKEN.


Your “reasons” are still not anything of substance. You have not PROVEN that funcom does not test their patches. Now either buck up and PROVE it or stop throwing a tantrum and move on.

As for the overall question, should console updating methods improve? Yes. So should PC updating methods. There should be improvements made at all aspects or nothing positive will be accomplished. But neither will ignoring everything to push a narrative.

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What? My reason lead my thinking process. If i see a green traffic light i assume it is time for my lane to begin moving.

When i see patches that blow up the game i assume they have not been tested.

I do not presume to speak in any term other than that of an opinion. And it remains the same, built on my reasons for having that opinion. It is not a possibility to prove or disprove an opinion…google the word opinion please. I require no tangible proof to form an opinion, only what information i have available to me to influence my opinion.

And certainly i agree, patching methods utilized by FC could definitely use some improvements. Hence this thread.

That is not an “opinion” as you claim. That is a positive statement. Therefor the burden of proof is on you to prove that statement.

That is a claim. A baseless claim as you have no supporting facts to back it but a claim none the less. That is also not an opinion.

This has been pointed out to you that in fact on a number of occasions members of Funcom HAVE stated this yet you chose to ignore that.

Perhaps you might wish to take up your own suggestion. :woman_shrugging:

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Last attempt, my statement is either that FC does 0 testing or inadequate testing. If somebody presented me with a thing i could observe or view or read or receive input from some other method, 1st hand, for myself, i would be willing to accept it as information.

I just have what information is available to me. I see a patch that deletes all player profiles, a patch that prevents log in, a patch that removes servers from the menu listing, a patch that makes the thralls into molemen, etc, etc, etc.

How can the first bug you encounter be one that prevents you from even logging in? Or removes your toon? That would stand out to someone who was attempting to test the patch right?

Whatever you wish to call it, or however you wish to define it. There is a problem with testing.

I can only continue with my current opinion at this juncture. 0 to inadequate testing.

If FC does test, then the problem lies with the dissimilarity(s) between testing and live environments. Which renders any testing moot, might aswell be 0 then. 0, inadequate, invalid, moot, unusable, whatever you wish as a label, the result is the same. Broken patches due to testing deficiencies, or complete lack of.

A claim by definition, cannot contain a statement like, “I think”, but oh boy, opinions do!

And just telling me you heard someone say a thing, or telling me you seen a post someone wrote a thing, dosent mean that it is now information and fact I should accept, it technically hear-say at that point.

Im not here to create or partake in any agruements. I am here to see improvements to a broken process that negatively effects us all. Thanks for your input and time, bro. If you feel it a necessity to reply, please include links to any information you can provide that may show that testing is done. We need to determine where the problem lies before it can be addressed. Thanks for your help with seeing improvements!

How so?

Straw grasping i guess.

:roll_eyes: I don’t get the joke or am I missing something here???

As I said at the very beginning, these threads are pointless. OP is not interested in anything but creating a false narrative. As usual (and extremely predictable.)

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Whatever do you mean? Is Multigun an employee of FC? Is he physically located inside of FCs testing department? Does he witness testing performed 1st hand every time a patch is created?

If “no” is the response to even one of those questions, then Multigun cannot say for certain that testing is performed.

I cannot say for certain either, i can only form my opinion with what input i have available to me. Once again, if there is some tangible means to show testing is performed i am willing to view it. Because i am told something by someone dosent mean it is accurate information. Untill i see it, i dont believe in it. Im a realist.

Stating the thread is useless and constantly attempting to derail and enter arguments over a vaild opinion formed over years and with FC history of patch fails. You dismiss my experience and how FC makes me feel as a consumer and player. You “battle” by opinion, something that is an impossibility btw. You change ones opinion by presenting them with new/other information. Not by pointlessly arguing and claims of hear-say.

I am interested in what this thread is titled, what all my posts/replies have been about, improvements. I have been nothing but willing to accept new information. You claim my thread is for different reasons. You attempt to control the narrative by constantly claiming something that is clearly not as you claim. You are a CoA! Prehaps you could conduct yourself in a manner that is reminiscent of why CoA was awarded to you. Your title dos not make you exempt, nor does it gove passage to say or do as you please.

If testing is performed, as you claim, then that highlights an error with the testing process. If a patch passes FC testing but the first bug you encounter after live release prevents log in, then there is a problem with the environment uses to test. That would be information! That would be useful. It could even lead to changes and improvements.

I think i will continue with my “useless” thread now. Thanks Multigun for being a contributing member of the community. You really helped out. Maybe we can get you another title!

Carbon monoxide is invisible. Best hope you get a detector with a strobe light.

For the 1000th time, a Chosen of Asura does not get the title by being boring, reserved, or biased. He is under no obligation to be polite about something that is demonstrably false. Funcom obviously tests our game. It is ours, and they owe it to us.

When the PS3 launched I was on a panel of players who helped shape the Phat early days of the console. In many, many ways, what we did informed every move Sony made, whether it was RFoM multiplayer, or the size of the console itself.

What Funcom has failed to do is create an Exile Advisory Panel of actual PvP players who are damn good at the game. Run it by the EAP and we’d find the holes in an Oslo Minute. I’m not sure what that is exactly, but it’s gotta be shorter than “whenever.”