Is it wrong to kill nude males only on PC?

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show us on the dolly where the bad thrall touched you

Lady_Bonecold Da’PekkerWreker


Bonecold means pirate zombie.

The thralls are dead. I chop them up and made dinner.


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Killing is wrong.

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I’m in the same boat but I used to slaughter the women occupying the forgotten lands. I don’t know why but I annoys me how many spawned there with ridiculously large breasts like they want to escape the green wall while floating. And ofcourse they have to show it to you (me) most of the time. No, men may stay but women have to go the quick way. It’s a game for the strong survivors which are men anyway…

Sounds like the men you killed had a “weapon” out so…

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Please don’t use alt accounts to troll in the forums.