Is it wrong to kill nude males only on PC?

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I remember on PC I use to kill males on nude servers. As long as a character was female and didn’t have her fist/weapon out or was rude I spare alot of female naked players. If you were rude you would die. On ps4 servers I feel less urge to kill males with the censorship. That lack of seeing a floppy meat reduce my urge to slay unarmored males. As long as they are not rude and don’t have thier fist/weapon out. I kill all male thrall I see. I still love killing male rude players. Especially rude mic users. I love killing trash talkers. After I beat a trash talker I use my mic and say I win. I love being a female gamer.


Why is this a question? You have made up your mind a long time ago :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol you probably need to consult


If someone wants to kill only naked men or only naked women, it’s up to them. So you keep doing you and show those dangly members of your server who’s in charge :stuck_out_tongue:


Issues… What @zerog said…

So far haven’t met rude players myself, but heard from other players some have been lying about sharing loot from a dismantled build.

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Ps4 also has nude mode. Depends on your country.

runs aggressivly around naked with his dong out :smiley: :joy:


I regret reading this thread


Yeah its sexist and you should be banned for promoting the killing of men. Equality for all.

Yes that was sarcasm.

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No but if you feel guilty about it, maybe you should consult a psychologist,
You don’t need our approval :^)

Youre like the Predator that kills only if the opponent is wielding a “weapon”… just dont click your teeth while you do it and you’ll be okay.


Deleted post. Took me awhile to remember who you truly are. You got me there B.


Yeah if you switched the pronouns people would probably be kinda upset. Im glad ps4 tempers your penis rage?

Obvious bait is obvious, but hey why hold everyone to the same standards. Only matters if it makes the right groups feel bad or marginalized.

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I kill female nude player too. Mostly rude,perverts or annoying players get the hammer. Male Gentiles enranges my barbarian blood lust. Sugar Bloom must kill her enemies.Then she cooks them for Yog. Yummy yummy enemies in the tummy. Season with pepper and spice.

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I still regret reading this thread further


lol well my friend pops would tell you many a day I have run though a village to find a dancer and had not taken them home because they had two volkswagens on their chest and as a woman I find that very unrealistic lol so I felt it was a safety concern for the type of job they were doing so well some times I had to maybe convince them to taking the long nap.

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Why am I starting to speculate about reasons of banning?
BTW see @Broc ´s entry @ the banning game!

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?? This has got nothing to do with a banning.

Just referring to an alias.

The op is not baiting or trolling. It’s just their way, and always has been. Completely harmless.

Well the way I see it, if you play PvP, expect to experience anything goes. And that includes being singled out.

So no, I see nothing wrong with it.

Why bother asking us?
That’s a question only you can answer for yourself.

Because Conan sings" Crush your enemies and see them driven before you!"