Is my clans base banable

We were wondering if our base is banable can someone please help us we have worked hard on it and dont want to get banned.

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We need more information regarding your base. I know that you’re new here and can’t post pictures yet, but what server are you on? Where is the location of your base? Are you blocking any paths, point of interests, spawns, etc…?

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we have built on the docks in o5 and o6 we have the sunken dungeon Infront of our base but it is not blocked and we have a wall protecting the docks

I’ll ask again, which server are you on? I ask that question so that I could pop over and have a look myself and give you my opinion - I have 5k hours invested in the game so far so know what Bugcom are looking for in terms of base design, etc…

I can post pics now

With that amount of Black Ice Foundations I would suggest that Yes! Yes it is banable, especially if someone on the server was to report you. All bases need to be practical and functional, regardless whether you are playing on a PvP server (which you are), or a PvE / PvE (c) server. Bugcom have most definitely admin wiped worse offending bases than yours, so be careful.


Bannable, suggest reducing it drastically


The wall around both docks is enough to get your base deleted.


thank you for the information i will reduce the base size then

Yeah, that’s the only thing that might do it. The amount of Black Ice foundations probably isn’t a problem.

I’ve seen smaller builds get admin wiped in that location. Not to say they may have broken another vague rule that I didn’t know about but tbh I would avoid building there all together if you’re worried about a ban.

  • Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, obelisks, resources, and other areas of the game.

That last bit is what I believe gets most people. If you build at the docks you are automatically despawning 2-3 monkeys and it could be viewed as “other areas of the game”. Same can be said for eastern barracks etc


@Outcast3rd Apparently your advice isn’t acceptable by some.

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Yes, i have been banned for a base smaller than that in the same spot i suggest you only build on the red lines:

if someone reports you, you will get banned

This is sad (not your base, just the situation). Honestly, your build IMO is par for the course on PvP servers. The fact that people here think it’s bannable shows how inconsistent FC applies their rules. I see bases similar in concept routinely on officials. The fact that players have to spend time worrying about their base build being bannable over getting raided by other actual players is getting comical. Rather than implement a system that progressively increases cost and maintenance the larger a build is, or some other similar system, they just put in some unspecific rules about base spam. And with how easy raiding is right now, it is troublesome to build a defensible base. Raiding and base building need balance by time proportionality. If 1k foundations = x time to farm and craft, it should equal the same time to farm x amount of bombs to clear it. Right now, the cost to virtually destroy a base is too low, thus forcing players to build such massive base spam as a defense. IMHO. I’m just frustrated for the players who spend a lot of time building good faith bases trying to honestly defend themselves only to get reported for violating the rules.

Right now, as it is, there is no clear definition of what enters into the territory of ‘bannable.’ If they would clear this up, we could all just move on with adapting. Right now it is too ambiguous.

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I mean the base in the picture is clearly huge… and ugly… and really not something anyone NEEDS… like… what IS that? :smiley: some multi-deck oil tanker shipwreck in a port?
How many people live there?.. like omg… look at the size of that thing :smiley: :smiley: it’s like 25 walls high… just the thing in the middle.
To me that looks like something people would build to make not the enemy die, but their computers from rendering that thing :smiley:

Jokes aside thou, I think on pvp that might be some solution… some “upkeep” cost the larger the building like maybe having it slowly break on its own instead of just a normal decay and having to maintain and repair it daily… idk… something to discourage… this :smiley:

On a semi-related note thou, I just randomly joined a PvE-C server just to test something and the moment I left the desert, multiple massive buildings with all the altar disco lights in the world… blocking off passage, having super-long bridges through water etc. and that was literally at the exit from the start zone to noob river staring you in the face. Both buildings looked very bannable to me, I wonder what the rest of the server could look like if I stumble across this in the first few minutes. Obviously they were of different design since no building damage there, but still… plenty of people getting away with ridiculous ToS breaking bases that are simply not required. At least in PvP if you want to be THAT noticed like OP here at least it provides ‘some’ protection.

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That base isn’t even that large and im sorry but you clearly don’t play PVP servers I can tell. The base is large because you need defences on PVP servers. Funcom are out of touch and so are the majority of the player base on this issue. In a game where the tagline is BUILD and dominate especially in a PVP setting what are players supposed to do once they raid others and get more resources just store them? I have played the game for years I recall a time where players would keep expanding, some bases were HUGE but they were never impossible to take out I don’t see where the issues have come from. Did Funcom downgrade their servers and cant handle bases of a large size anymore? They had once stated this themselves “Conan Exiles has hardly any limits in place for how big you can build and they are especially excited to have you test these improvement”

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I am pretty sure that there are plenty of PvP players out there who don’t build these types of buildings yet they are still successful at PvP… Some people really hide their bases to where you could be standing right next to it and not even see, others have hidden chests here and there and only set up temporary bases to craft stuff in specific time windows…
So no… bases like that aren’t necessarily NEEDED…

However you are correct that I do not play on official PvP servers :smiley: Avoided them like cancer since early access as official pvp was defined on them as “camping low level newly spawned players in end-game gear and then making forum posts complaining to Funcom that they shouldn’t be able to run away when attacked because it’s frustrating not being able to kill them always”. I played on some private pvp servers that had very people-friendly rules, but nowdays I just play on my own pve server as sort of a ‘wasteful coop’ if you will.

Either way, that does not change the fact that the “building” in the picture is ugly AF and it literally ruins the whole scenery of a very large area :smiley: So if indeed PvP “requires” that you build this way… then there’s definitely something wrong with that…

Also… I don’t know about that, but looking at the picture and then this statement… the first thing that comes to mind is… "Just because you CAN do something… really really doesn’t mean you SHOULD… " :smiley:

i mean it is honestly pretty big for today standards, 1 year ago i would not think that this was bannable but after being banned for having a base far smaller than that in the same spot idk.

i would ask if i can even build on dagon since that is apparently what is getting people banned, i also reported other 5 bases on dagon and on all cases it resulted in a ban.
so… idk maybe dagon its the problem, maybe funcom doesn’t want people to build in “meta” spots.