Is Regional Specific DLC available on PC (not Xbox) in Microsoft Store in US?

On PC (not Xbox), on Microsoft Store, in USA, is the Regional Specific DLC available for a purchased Conan Exiles ? (purchased outright, not via Game Pass)

Thank you!

Um are you talking about the nudity?
If so it isn’t a DLC on PC it’s just there in the base game.
Back in EA when I got the game it was the default setting, now you might need to go into set up and select it, in two places if playing single player “game play” and “server settings” and just During game play if on a server, provided the server is set to full nudity.

If that isn’t the Regional Specific DLC you are speaking of, please elaborate in regards to what you do mean.

Edit: I use steam, not Microsoft store. I highly recommend using steam over the M store.

Thank you for your answer.
Indeed, I am looking to enable nudity.

I read that on the Microsoft Store platform, the Regional Specific DLC is required to enable nudity, unlike on Steam (where nudity is part of the base game install).

However, while I found a link to this DLC on the Microsoft Store website, I do not have the option to install it (from the Microsoft Store app on the PC, or the Xbox app on the PC).

I assume that this DLC is region locked for USA, even on PC. I know it’s locked for Xbox in USA, I found confirmations from other users on this forum. But it wasn’t clear for me if the DLC is also region locked for PC users.

I am not in the mood to start changing my regional settings or use VPNs for this purpose, so I’ll end up moving to Steam as you suggested.

To double check: on Steam, in the US region, I can enable nudity, yes?
(without changing my region settings, or using a VPN)