Is Religious Warfare On PVE?

It shouldn’t be but I’ve now seen in the server events the following,

Dome Ritual: Yogs Protection was summoned by (clan name) and a few days later Mitras Protection by the same clan, I’ve never even heard of this clan, there’s only me and my SO in our clan.

Is this some try at an exploit? I have no idea about PVP or clan warfare so was hoping someone could enlighten me as to why that is in my events.

Journey step?

religious warfe is active even in pve, its not usual but as Deacon told, it could be a journey step mission or a challenge for battlepass, some time a challenge to summon a god appears to me. In pve-c a god can be used in pvp time for combat but theres no advantage on it since every one can flee and wait the avatar expires since theres no structure damage active.

Got that but the clan is nothing to do with me, I’m not a member, not in that clan. Just wondering if they are trying to damage one of my outposts, but as pointed out I’m on PVE and it’s not a journey step from my clan so why is it in my events if they are not affecting my buildings?

if someone summons a god nearby it appears on events, im not sure if it is only on surrounding or in the entire map, but you dont need to worry, they cant damage anything.

Thanks. I’m only updating the decay timers at present due to the “lost connection” issue so I’m just updating and reading the event log.

Hope they fix it in the next chapter, just can’t gamble on the chance of losing one of my thralls so I’m off moonlighting playing Valheim.

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