Is tenure and "build privilege" an issue on your server?

I know several users like this…across many games…

Help is welcome to those that want it… to those that don’t, its worse thing in world to find stairs and help everywhere when you wanted to figure it out…

Made new character in 76 other day, and a guy had massive fit when i wouldnt take free items he dropped me. (i’m mute, and no text chat… so couldnt tell him I just wanted to play for fun)

Few of officials I played on… its pretty common. One guy had sandstone pillars and ceiling and stairs everywhere…i mean everywhere, so You never really had to touch ground. It was neat… but so boring. -_-’

Could just be “polite” to mask them being lazy to own private server and claim a free one. XD

or just helpful person who doesn’t realize some people do not want help.

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Maybe you’ll need to report the issue again? Sometimes a report can get mis-filed.

Here is the information you’ll need to contact @Ignasis and/or @Hugo to report the abuse/exploit to the game. Be sure to include screenshots and/or other forms of proof in order to have Funcom start the investigation.

Link: [PLEASE READ] Official servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

“Build privelege” oof that’s a new one. Go private, official servers are not only unmoderated, but you have no recourse if you experience one of the many bugs the game has to offer.

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What else got this server to offer? Maybe you should unfavourite it.

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yea official servers need building limit. mb not for pvp but for pve-c 100%! on my server we have same problem. couple idiots wo build alot of usless empty crap buildings everywhere and bind them all in 1 with pillars bcs they jsut too lazy for running and refresh them all acros the map! and they didnt even play! just came 1 time per week, refresh theys dumps and leave. funcome make pets limit. why they dont do the same for buildings!

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I despise people that play Conan Exiles as if it was Minecraft. If they want to reclaim the whole server, just play solo and invite your friends to local game.

A few months ago, we came back to ‘our’ official server after a half-year-long hiatus. Of course, everything was gone, and we found that one of those clans had taken hold of the server. A couple huge/main bases, and a huge residence for each of them in several zones. They were also slowly walling every access to the whole brimstone basin, first occupying every tunnel and turning it into a bunker, then just building walls in more open areas. Needless to say, the server was pretty empty as a result. With the help of another clan (which ended switching servers anyway), we… uh… removed all their bases over the course of a week, which caused them to ragequit and leave the server, and decay did the rest.

Essentially, we’re the “Alpha” clan now. We mostly keep to ourselves; our base, though huge, is built in a relatively secluded place, and we build upwards if we ever need more space. Sure, you can get some lag if you come close to it because it’s really big, but since it’s not in a place where you’d stumble upon it unless you were searching for it on purpose, it’s not an issue that affects anyone. Also, aside for a couple slave wheels placed in strategic positions, we try to not build in other places. That’s because we actually want other people to come and prosper instead of living in a phantom server, and we know firsthand the despair of finding half the map reclaimed, and almost every single good cave taken too… all by the same clan.

In fact, we’ve nuked guys that came and started doing things like building around obelisks and lorestones, because a**holes aren’t allowed here. This is what people on top of the chain should do, instead of just becoming massive Richards. We’re not against people attacking each other (or even us, for the matter), we just enforce the rules that Funcom set, but without having to resort to slow bureaucracy.

TL;DR: Bid your time and blow them up; Minecraft players might have enough resources to rebuild everything, but seeing their work thoroughly destroyed will probably make them ragequit, especially if you convince them that you’re able to do it again. Alternatively, server 1083 is always open for people that want to prosper, as long as we’re able to “police” it.

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We will have to disagree on this. The reporting system in place will deal with spammers. Limiting legitimate building does not serve a purpose.

For my server (a rented server), it is not an issue.
I’m the only one there ….
and …
I’ve learned to build minimally. I just don’t find usefulness or “joy” in a grand build full of empty, unused, unlived in space anymore after I hit 4000 hours. For me, it’s more about survival without all the “bells and whistles”.
Then, I turned off Purge and disabled avatars. (at least until I’m certain purge has been properly fixed).
Oh, yeah, no mods either. Something I learned a long, long time ago about modding a game is to wait until its “final release”. Less patches and updates means less issues.

Before I wiped the server and set it to a password, I had the unfortunate experience of certain people who must have felt it necessary to wall off a world boss. (A shining example of some of the irrational thinking that goes on when playing this game as evidenced on official servers and some private servers).

We LOVE building on my server - Croozi’s Chaos & Chill, but if there is a spot that someone wants to build in that I have built in or an abandoned place, I’m very diplomatic and negotiable about demolishing it for a player.

One new player wanted to clear the riff-raff off the southern river beach so I gave him a dozen god tokens and let him go to town on them - was great fun and I got a nice welcome center out of it lol.

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Oh I have feelings about this. The dude says, “Just talk to me if you have an issue, I’m a reasonable guy.”

I’ve been playing 3ish months. Still have places to discover, dungeons to do, bosses to slay. Honestly can’t wait to figure out all the treasure maps I’ve found.

When I went to do the frost temple I tried to put a bed down with my friends. We did get through it, but because of this guys build in the IMMEDIATE area past the no build zone, if we died… We had to keep dying.

Essentially his build ate the space surrounding it so much that the run back to our corpse would kill us due to the cold before we even got back into the temple. His building made it THAT much of a trek. So one of us would have to split off from fighting inside, grab our friends armor and food, deliver it to them, and then both run back in. This process made the whole ordeal take nearly THREE hours.

Mentioned it to the dude and asked if he could clear some area so people could put beds closer. He just says, “No, that’s one of the first buildings we made on here. It stays.”

Ok… Ok, I guess. Now when I mine obsidian, I just drop it and keep the ash and gold. I’m not going through all that again.

I actually think by helping newer players like this, they are actually robbing them of the fun of the game. Part of the game is acquiring named thralls, building towards end level equipment and building pieces. Getting it fro free, especially on PVE/PVE-C, makes little sense to me. But that is me. I like the build up. The feeling of accomplishment and adrenaline rush when you finally find that one thrall you wanted.


^^ This. What’s the point of playing when you are given all to beat the game at level 20. We call this a “bear favour”.


And why is this your “favorite” server?

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Yeah, no. Screw that guy and screw his server. You might be better off moving to another server. It might be a lot of work to get re-established, but you would probably enjoy it a lot more to have space to build and a nicer community.

I can’t recommend an official server right now, because I’m not very active on any of them. I know two pretty nice private servers, though. Larathiel’s Valley of Doom is a really nice PVE server, with great community and an active, helpful admin. Croozi’s West Coast PVE-C has a nice crowd and it’s fun if you don’t mind Age of Calamitous.


There are quite a lot of such friendly people on the servers I’ve played on (part of the reason I like them), but when folks start going overboard with the free gifts, I usually speak up and state something to the effect of:

“We’re all super friendly and willing to help here, but you’re under no obligation to accept anyone’s help or gifts. There are plenty of us whose chief enjoyment comes from overcoming challenges thru our own efforts and exploration. If that’s how you are, feel free to decline, but know that we’re here to help with info if you want it.”

IME, I’ve found that having a 3rd party pipe up in this way (particularly if it’s a long-time or respected player on that server), usually clears things up with no hurt feelings.


Oh man, I haaate it when people who no longer play just keep stuff refreshed forever. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. After I started my own server and left 1502, I dismantled most of my ancillary bases and only kept up public infrastructure and anti-trolling defense for maybe a month or two until Funcom said they would begin policing servers. The day they did, I breathed a sign of relief and removed my bracelet – after giving others on the server a heads-up about what structures were about to vanish in case they were currently in a dangerous place. Would have felt badly if someone suddenly got a lava bath as my parting gift. :sweat_smile:

There are so many empty, near empty or pretty well dead servers now for you to relocate on, that I don’t see how this is an issue for you. - unless you have a hard on for a particular spot the person has that you want to build on.

Explore the server list and pick one.

I wish that was true, for pve-c servers at least…
Believe me, i’ve been in every single one (pve-c) with a reasonable latency for my location and all is the same.

Also, that would be bad for the player experience, it takes time to explore the map and see who actually plays and who is just refreshing their junk. In short, that wouldn’t fix anything.

To be honest i already gave up, i’ve leveled many characters only to find that the server is full of spamers, empty and excesive buildings and thralls occupying space where someone else could build. i tried playing on a private server but i’m already tired of the same early levels, now i just buuild random things in solo mode with admin tools.

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