Is the experience increase for slaves included in this compensation until 9/11?

steam:land of exile 1335 pveOfficial Server

In actual gameplay, compensation was observed, such as doubling the amount collected, but not doubling the experience of the slaves.

The actual compensation was as follows.
All server types 1 → 2

If you mean that there was no doubling of experience for slaves originally, then there is no problem.

Just a confirmation.
I’ll post the experience increase/decrease when the skeleton is killed.
The first one is before killing, the second one is after. About 9200, same as usual.

Greetings @Goemooon ,

Thank you for sharing this.

On this case the “PlayerXPRateMultiplier” is applied to the players and not the thralls. There was a boost regarding the player experience gained, gathering speed, and the thrall & pets conversion rate.

You can confirm this information on the following thread: Update on the player compensation for the Thrall Decay timers on Official servers

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Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the correct information.

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