Is the Pickaxe worth it

The pickaxe does both jobs of an axe and a pick but does it harvest as good as two separate axe and pick?

It has it’s moments, it does save on space for quick runs. I would say it is worth at least having a few about the base.

If you have little plans to collect alot of items, its handy to knock some weight off, and be sure you have the ability to hit stuff if needed.

Depends on settings to, I always add 100 pounds, so extra weight from 2 tools never really hinders me.

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I like the pickaxe for the trees up north that yield resin. However, I prefer a standard pick for dead/dry wood trees.


Having a combat build I carry the pick because its lighter.

It has the same harvesting power than its counterparts in the same tier.
And it is as good as a hatchet to gather rare resources from trees.
Logically since you can get both of the “rare” resources of trees (bark an stick), you would get half the chance to get one of them specially. But in my testings it will give you both of them just as good as the same tier hatchet/pick.
Obviously not talking about resin vs. dry wood because you have to hit 2 different kinds of trees for them, but still I did not feel any difference. And if I need more dry woo I won’t run down south from my home, I just use the dryer, it gives 2 dry wood and 1 resin for a cost of a single wood :smiley:

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I almost only carry a pick… It’s easy to get plenty of wood no matter what and the pick is better for anything else where I don’t need a skinning knife, cleaver or sickle imo.

Tks very much guys.

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Once you get the star metal pick, its very much worth it.

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