Is there a code of conduct?

Hey all, I was wondering if there was a code of conduct I could read?
I started up a community on the PS4, and one of the members had mentioned seeing a message come up on global while they were ingame (probably on PC)
The message stated that the dev team would ban and wipe any clans building on thrall spawns, was just wondering if this might be true, I kinda want stop an argument before it gets started.
Thank you in advance😊

I’ve tried building near thrall camps before, and it would not let me build in a vicinity that would cause them to despawn (they were on a cliff over my building so i wasn’t aware they were there till they started shouting at me). However, I have seen people build too close to the wanderer npc under the large statues upon noob river, and he would not respawn.

Are your friends on private or official servers? Most private servers hold rules against blocking resources and thrall spawns, but I wasn’t aware of it being a rule on officials (it would be nice to know the devs are doing some policing). I would assume (ASS of U and ME) that most thrall despawning structures would have to be built in a glitching/hacking manner, since you can’t get close enough to most camps to cause it.


Exactly my thoughts​:blush::ok_hand:
this individual is going around the communities spreading a rumor around somewhat aggressively. He says Officials, I think he just got too stoned and forgot he was on a private server (which makes more sense)

So i figured i would ask and see to be :100:% certain.

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