IS there a option on the admin panel to set game time to "x"

IF there is such a option… and I SWEAR I saw it a long time ago… Where is it now?
I Cant find it … someone please help.
My issue is that the Game and server wont let me change day or night…
I have tried to change time using Pippi, and in the game Admin options …
It refuses to keep any other setting than
Day Cycle Speed 0.0
Day time speed is always set to 0.1
Night time speed refuses to change .its always set to 0.1
… as much as I try to change this… it ALWAYS reverts and is locked …
I read a post on steam that SOMEONE said “there IS a option on the admin panel to set game time to x.”
BUT the dude doesn’t say WHERE that setting is. or how to access it??
I am Thinking that there is a setting that is LOCKING it to a REAL TIME clock. instead of game time…
Does anyone have any idea how to fix ??

From admin panel,bottom left side, there’s an option to chose from 3 time settings.

in the Cheat panel tab? or a difrent tab…
BTW. I am Using Pippi mod

Time of Day setting under Day/Night Cycle Controls

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When I try to change any of this… IT just quickly reverts back… and wont stay…
I also tried to change it on the server side… It wont stay

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When I try to change the Day / night cycle in the Server settings tab… again… it wont stay …
It always reverts back to … 0.0
It Refuses to change this…

Somehing is locking this into Real Time clock? meaning that 1 min in game =1 min in real life…

server even after I change theDayCycleSpeed to 1 and save it…
As soon as I log back into the game. the server INSTANTLY reverts to
this… again

and Gportal tech support does not know how to fix…
Other than wipe the server.

Is it possible that someone else with admin rights is logged in as admin and has the server settings open (maybe even you in another window/portal)? If so this would definitely prevent you from any changes. Alternatively, you could contact people who run that mod on Pippi’s Discord.


To my knowledge you cannot permamently freeze time in CE. When you do it in the admin panel, it will revert on server restart.


That is correct @Taemien.

You can set the time and lock it but as soon as the server restarts you have to change it again.

It setting the time doesn´t work for you @Saraba then you might have to consider a mod interfering. I have several mods on my server, including pippi and it works like a charm. But that doesn´t mean that all mods are working perfectly fine.

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haha OK… I will admit here and now… I am not a READ THE MANUAL kind of person…
With that being said… I found the mod responsible for Locking Day / Night cycle in place …
It was Shane’s Stuff Mod… I LOVE the mod and Kept the mod… BUT did use her admin settings to NOT controll the time.
lol Thanks for all of your suggestions.

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