Is there a way to "poke" G-portal for a server restart?

I’ve seen people complaining about this for a while, and it seems (im sure) hit the #1996, its the second day, I noticed this last night, seems to happen at raid window because earlier was fine, can’t kill npc’s, can’t gather resources, but you can loot chests and interact

Lasts til the server restart at 6 a.m.

Hey there,

You can ask inform of a server malfunction using the Server report tool.
Regarding this issue you’re reporting, we’re also currently looking into it and releasing a few additional measures to prevent this behavior from happening.

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Hey Ignasis, thanks a lot, was searching for that but couldn’t find it. Thanks for the reply too, please do, make sure to get the word for the devs about the “dupping” and the 50 all atributes glitch that is happening too. Thank you one more time, good work and good day.

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If you have any information regarding those two glitches and how to reproduce them please contact us privately so we can investigate it. :slight_smile:

I don’t know exactly how because I despise this kind of gameplay, but I’ll keep an eye if I find someone who knows. ^^

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