Is there any kind of tank meta, yet? Things are a bit boring suddenly

Honestly, every tank CD feels exactly the same. Even the elites feel like the regular cooldowns. They all just feel samey in the amount of damage they reduce no matter the mechanism. Whether it’s increased incoming heals or straight up mitigating away damage. I almost feel like there aren’t any metas for this fact. Throw on any Elite, a Signature, and whatever other CDs you want - pick them at random - and all associated passives and go. It also makes tanking a bit on the boring side because there never seems to be a better moment to use one CD over another. Just pick one at random when needed and use it.

After doing some IP-level appropriate dungeons I was never once in any kind of danger even after I stopped using CDs. Healing kept me full at all times. My job as tank was merely positioning of the bosses and nothing else. I’m going to change up my dungeon build to be a buffer/utility tank because I don’t know what else to do. At least with sustain tanking I had 100% total control over my own survivability and subsequently whether or not we cleared an encounter. Now I feel like I have pretty much no control outside of positioning.

And yet as uneventful as dungeons are, e10 New York Raid is tuned absurdly high to a point where an experienced average e16 geared group has difficulty. I’m under a working assumption that e10 will be impossible for a group of 10 people in 1000ip or lower. I would love to see video proof of a group with each member having no more than 1000ip and no 4pips on anything clearing e10. I don’t think it’s possible, but please feel free to prove me wrong. I would actually love to see that video.

Having specific cooldowns be meta or best is how we ended up with the total lack of build diversity that we saw in sustain tanking. If there are defensive abilities that are superior to others, why would people use the inferior versions? That would seem to me to be a lot more boring than being able to pick the defensive abilities that I personally find most effective.

If you’re grouped with a healer who is able to keep you up without needing to use lots of cooldowns, it makes sense to provide more utility to the group. If your healer needs help, then use defensive cooldowns. Sustain tanking meant that basically 100% of the responsibility was on the tank, now you need to share that responsibility with the healer and the DPS (who will need to help by purging and possibly cleansing stuff).

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