Remedies for sustain tanking, since people just can't stand it

Firstly, I sustain and I love it. 4 CDs… 3 CDs… it’s one of the most comfortable immortal tank rotations I’ve found in quite a few games.

However, since this breaks the holy trinity of dps, tanks and heals, we cannot allow such blasphemy to persist!

(Okay, whatever. I know I’m outnumbered and outwhinged, so I’d like to offer a suggestion to “fix” it without breaking everything else.)

So… give bosses purges and a trigger to activate them that sets off if 3 defensive CDs are used within 17s, for instance. You’ll remove up to 4s of the immortal rotation, which will completely make it unviable as an immortal tank.

(Immutable>Thick Skin>Pain Supp… purges OMGIMDEAD!)

This doesn’t affect any vanilla’s tanking setups, skills or combat interactions. No need to revamp the combat system (except if you want to actually balance weapons, instead of just buffing Funcom favorites piecemeal), no need to reprogam fights and no need to put in mechanics that exist solely to make healers work at healing dps (btw, that won’t stop sustain either - just put in a dps with Unveil Essence. You also won’t do it with spike damage either, as many people suggest for some odd reason…? If it doesn’t oneshot a sustain tank, they keep living. Adding spike damage only hurts vanilla tanks.)

If you’ve got to destroy something a lot of people enjoy to make some others quit fussing, I’d like it not to make a bigger mess than it already wasn’t, basically.