Is There Any Reason To Host A Server?

So I’ve played a lot of Conan. 1200 Hours already across 3 accounts. I love Conan, but for the last 2 days I’ve gone through 3 server providers because I want more than anything to run a server with a healthy player base, but my server simply isn’t popping up/loading with the rest of them.

Through 3 different server providers, it just feels like that either Conan isn’t loading my server, or according to 2 of the 3 providers that this is something Conan has always done.

I see so many 0 player servers, and yet mine which had me and about six other friends on it all day yesterday had none, but each time my friends got on to play. They could never see it.

So am I confused or is something wrong right now with servers? Or has then been an issue for others? The current server we’re playing on is hosted by SurvivalServers. Thanks!

If you’d like to join the server the name is ’ Weekend Barbarians - FRESH SERVER 7/4 - x3 Har + EXP’

It’s a PVP 24/7 server with raid only.

Also update. The only time the Server seems to really want to be nice is after Conan has loaded thousands of servers. I went AFK and it finally poped up after 10 minutes of loading servers. :confused:

Server IP:

I host a server because I was trolled by admin after countless hours of hard work on an extremely crappy lobby that had all crafting and harvesting timers slowed to the slowest setting.
I created a server where dedicated players can grind it out, PVP building damage is time restricted to the times I want and I am able to turn my console off knowing my base will be there the next day.

Make a post on here specifically stating the name fo server along with settings and your intentions as admin.
Players like 10x boosted everything on new servers since it allows for quick rebuild,
this is something that can be reduced to maybe x5 later on. make sure to list these details in your post so people who know what they are looking for will know to join.
incentives like free beginners loot also will make out more likely that someone will join your server. I do this in my server.
being a fair admin is a must if you want your community to stay active and trust you enough to grind it out in your server. don’t use admin buffs to troll or abuse other players.
Server events can be time consuming in preparing but can also give incentive to players who want a fun server to join, specially when the events have prices included.
Discord account will give your server authenticity and players will be able to concoct you easily even when away from console/PC.

Feel free to contact me with more questions.