I’m asking the wrong question! The right question is what do you want in a server?

What do you want to see in a server? What makes you think, hey that is a server that I want to play on? Is it player count alone? Is it experience and harvest multipliers? Dedicated slots, guaranteed longevity? Is it a combination of factors?

We have a core group of 5 players, but we are having a hard time attracting and keeping more. It’s the chicken and egg problem. Without a large core player base it is hard to attract players. Not retaining players makes growing the core player base very difficult and slow.

We started a server to because we got tired of battling the mega alpha troll clan that formed on the official server. To ensure that didn’t happen again we created a server with a 4-person clan limit and just one rule. Don’t be a dick. Honestly, we just want to play Conan with chill like-minded individuals / clans.

What do we need to do or offer to help attract players that want to play / raid without being trolls about it? I would love the communities input!

Server Info:
The Wheel of Minor Discomfort
Server Settings:
• 4 Person Clan Limit
• 2XP
• 2 x Harvest
• 2 x Stamina
• Raid times:
o Weekdays 8:30pm-11:30pm EST
o Weekends 6pm-12am EST
• Discord Channel
o https://discord.gg/kT5mw98

When I think of all the good private servers I have played on, here is what stuck out to me.

  1. Very strict rules which help to maintain a positive morale on the server. (For example, pillar and foundation spam is forbidden. Also, no blocking off resources or pathways, or building in ruins) A good server usually has 10-20 thought out and well written rules to promote a healthy environment.

  2. Daily moderation. Admin monitors and maintains a happy and healthy server. You are basically head of the neighborhood watch. Go socialize and see what everyone is up to. Some times you may be helping a noon and doing some good deeds, sometimes you may be investigating a rule breaker and may need to take action. Also, a good admin may have some of your community affected by bugs and glitches which might cause them to lose gear, or a server reset that causes you to die. The best servers I’ve played on, the admin ALWAYS helped anyone in need under his own discretion.

  3. Events and Open To Public areas. A good admin will make the world a little easier to access for his server, with public map rooms, connecting hard to reach areas with elevators, and have survival hubs in the far reaches with food and water. Hosting recurring events for each day of the week. (Clan v clan trials, duels, building showcase competitions, riddles that lead to vaults of loot, gathering competitions.)

  4. Admin doesn’t raid. This is is kind of obvious, but it can kill a server quick. Admin usually plays PvE, builds a ridiculously hard base to raid (but welcomes all challengers), and stay busy hosting dailies/moderating/socializing.

Best things I have seen in a server is an admin who prevents people being awful( pillar spams and the like)

Other than that one rule having an admin who doesn’t actively raid other players. It’s kinda bad to say because that’s a big playing part but the truth is if the admin plays primarily on that server people just assume the worst that the admin will cheat

You guys are right. I should clarify the rules some more. I just thought laying down a ton of rules would turn people off. All the stuff you mentioned is what I was thinking with “Don’t be a dick”.

As far as raiding goes. I do raid. I just don’t take anything, or destroy a base. Get in, take a screen grab, and back out. If I can’t get in without mass destruction then I don’t. Either way I am more of a builder than a raider.


Yea I get you for sure
And I agree don’t be a dick is a good rule just follow it with a few examples of what a dick is.

As for raiding I only mentioned it because I know it turns people off.

As for you being a builder may I suggest the idea of building a romantic gladiator put styal building for people to PVP in I bet it will draw some interest

Having a weak ruleset is what kills and keeps servers dead. People don’t want to feel like they are playing on official, as most people leave officials from having no moderation. They want to feel welcome and appreciated.

Raiding as an admin will get you frowned upon, just be warned lol.

You gotta have clear definitions of what you think being a dick is, so you can fairly moderate those who are a dick without any controversy.

Which days are considered weekends?