Is there any way to change the color of each chat type?

I needed help the other day and when I was contacted by a GM, it is in this red text. For some reason on this monitor (TV) that I bought a few years ago, red text is ‘really’ hard to read. I noticed it as soon as I got it, but sucked it up, as having nothing and waiting would have been worse. I’ve managed to get by, as red text messages are usually system messages which tend to repeat the same information over time. When it’s someone trying to talk to you, it’s a nightmare.

So short of not being able to understand why this TV is the way it is, is there a way I can change what color the chat is using? If nothing else, just for the color of GM chat?

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Copy SWL\Data\Gui\Default\TextColors.xml to SWL\Data\Gui\Custom\TextColors.xml and edit to your heart’s desire.

For GM messages, you’re probably going to want to edit ctch_gm_name and ctch_gm_text.


Wow, thank you very much!

I think I’ll find everywhere that color is used and change it to something else. :slight_smile:

Follow up questions:

  1. I assumed the ‘Fonts.xml’ would work the same way, but when I change the font name associated with ‘chat’ and /reloadui, or restart, nothing seems to change?

  2. I’m just going to change the value for ‘Red’, and then wherever ‘Red’ is used, it will use my color (as, that color has no use to me regardless of the source). Is there a way to send chat messages to myself, or a personal guild, such that I can test how the color looks with conversational messages? I see people do all sorts of interesting things in like guild recruitment chat messages. Is there a trick to changing the color of what you are typing like that?

  1. You probably have to copy the font .ttf to the appropriate folder and define it in the Fonts.xml before it becomes usable in-game.

  2. You can send /tells to yourself and you can create your own cabal using shift+G if you want to try out cabal or officer chat.

Colored text in chat messages is achieved using chat scripts. A basic example would be RPcolors.

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Thank you again.

Can’t get the font to work for some reason. Put a few TTFs in a new ‘Fonts’ folder in ‘Custom’ and referenced them in the fonts.xml file and tried to use the names, but don’t see any changes.

I’ve never tried to add custom fonts to SWL, so I can’t offer any details, sorry.

Maybe Vomher’s guide to chat font sizes can help you find the right lines to edit.

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Thanks, I’ll look over that, compare it to what I was doing. It’s possible the problem was I wasn’t restarting. The colors will take effect with a /reloadui. It’s also possible I need to be naming the font correctly. Plus, there is the size issue. If I’m changing ‘chat’, and I have my font set to ‘large’, it’s using the ‘large’ and not the ‘chat’, I think.

Again, off in the right direction. Thanks for the help!

Update: Yeah, that was it. Need to restart with fonts.xml changes, and I need to change the font for all the items in that block to cover everything. Most awesome, thanks for all the help!

No problem. Glad you got it to work. :slight_smile:

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