Hi, got a script for you to help any newbees

Jade's tips (use shift):
<font color="#90ff90"><b>(P)</b></font> Sprints. <font color="#90ff90"><b>(J)</b></font> Daily marks. <font color="#90ff90"><b>(C)</b></font> Want-ads (doesn't que.) <font color="#90ff90"><b>(V)</b></font> Displays GF "Group Finder." <font color="#90ff90"><b>(L)</b></font> Displays the timers. <font color="#90ff90"><b>Bookmark</b></font> tswdb.com/miscellaneous/signets. <font color="#90ff90"><b>Also,</b></font> I'd suggest to use the auction house <font color="#90ff90"><b>(H)</b></font> and learn to buy/sell as needed (helps with the daily marks limitation.)

I use it regularly in KM & SC thought I’d pass it along so you can edit it and display it as well if anyone has questions on something. Mostly just lurk the forums but made an account incase this can help others. See yea in game sometime! I’m a Chaos/Shotty dps’er and low lvl but working on it.

PS: Feel free to copy to your game/Scripts (may need to create it) folder and then call it in game by doing a “/filename” for example mine is “/nb.txt” Some guides will say to remove the .txt extension so you only have to type “/filename” but I find that I make a lot of chat macros so just got in the habit of adding .txt at the end. Probably want to change the name to your name and change the faction colors to #ff9090 (if Templar) or #9090ff (if Illuminaughty.) :slight_smile:

EDIT: Added the bit about the AH so others can have that as an option if wanted.