Scripts and Tools For AOC. Feel free to add, if you have something missing here


Why do most my scripts have %1 %2 in the very beginning? Its because this simple trick lets you send script to someone without posting it in global or group. Say script is called raidfinder.txt and you want to send it to friend’s alt johndoe in a tell. Just type in chat: /raidfinder.txt /tell johndoe

Must-Have GUI Settings: Target’s Target, Particles, Unhide Gear, etc.

musthave.txt (2.4 KB)

Invite to Raid or Group.
Save Script as: inv.txt

inv.txt (40 Bytes)

Use like This: /inv.txt NameOfPlayer

/invitetoraid %1
delay 3000
/invite %1

Invite to Guild.
Save Script as: ginv.txt

ginv.txt (16 Bytes)

Use like This: /ginv.txt NameOfPlayer

/guild invite %1

Invite Current Targeted Player to Guild.
Save Script as: gitarget.txt

gitarget.txt (118 Bytes)

/friend %t
/tell %t Join my guild !
/tell %t For more info check out our web site
/delay 3000
/guild invite %*

Start New and End old CombatLog for Parsing.
Save Script as: parse.txt

parse.txt (61 Bytes)

    /text %m Starting/Ending Parse
    /logcombat off
    /logcombat on

Use in game chat window: /parse.txt

Start New or End old CombatLog for Parsing with menu.

parse_On_Off.txt (419 Bytes)

Unhide Gear. Just simple allow gear inspection script.

unhidegear.txt (404 Bytes)

What are Instances? Explanation.

instances.txt (378 Bytes)

Hiding and stealth in AOC.

hiding-stealth-in_aoc.txt (870 Bytes)

If you want to take off tombstone penalty - easy methods.

tombstone-remove.txt (325 Bytes)

Gilding Tokens - How to get those tokens?

gilding-tokens.txt (214 Bytes)

Shields around Character - how to manipulate them and what works against what damage.

Shields.txt (278 Bytes)

Active Blocking - how it works.

activeblocking.txt (468 Bytes)

If there is no space in your inventory bag and you get reward(s) - what happens? How to get those still?

inventory_full.txt (693 Bytes)

Rare Resource Drop nodes reminder.

rare-resources.txt (3.6 KB)

How To Equip a Gem tips.

equipping-gem.txt (291 Bytes)

Levelling Paths for characters in AOC.

levelling-paths.txt (1.7 KB)

How to Get to the Guild City and Get Path of Comrades (permanent teleport there).

guild_city.txt (3.6 KB)

Game Annoyances - Circumventing the AOC Game Errors and glitches.

game_annoyances.txt (5.4 KB)

Feat Trainers (reset feats / specs / builds).

trainers.txt (193 Bytes)

Tradeskill Trainer (Un-Trainer of Crafting Profession, removing one at a time).

tradeskill_(un)trainers.txt (284 Bytes)

Chronicler of Deeds Locations (to Update Achievements and get rewards for those).

chroniclers.txt (299 Bytes)

Combat Rations - Vendors.

combatrations.txt (132 Bytes)

Crafting professions trainers.

crafting_prof.txt (321 Bytes)

Workaround to empty CLAIMS LIST showing on freshly created character.

claim-not-work.txt (201 Bytes)

Combat rating (Magic Type) explained - what does it do?

combatrating-cbr-magic.txt (199 Bytes)

Border Kingdoms Cimmerian End ( Bori ) explained.

bori-explained.txt (230 Bytes)

Assassin’s Miasma 101 - hints how to use and for what effects.

sin_miasmas_101.txt (4.5 KB)

How to get to Turan 1st time - Coast of Ardashir.

turan-ardashir.txt (207 Bytes)

When rezzed or use self-rez in the group or raid dungeon, boss cast bar remains empty - Fix.

rez-target-bugfix.txt (283 Bytes)

Alternative Advancement (AA) Heals Details for Every Healer Class.

aaheals.txt (7.9 KB)

How to get horse mount (not from store or quest).

horse.txt (527 Bytes)

Shows in-game useable Colors names and how they look.

colorslist.txt (2.9 KB)

Shows in-game useable Font Faces and how they look.

fonts.txt (1.4 KB)

List all Game Emotes in clickable form.

listemotes.txt (5.3 KB)

Add up to 20 friends alts to friends list at once.
Use like This in chat: /friendaltsbatch.txt Alt1 Alt2 Alt3 Alt4 Alt5 … Alt19 Alt20

friendaltsbatch.txt (431 Bytes)

World Boss FPS Increase Script by Scaevacas. Very shortened version for global/nph posting.

maxfpson.txt (463 Bytes)

World Boss FPS Increase Script by Scaevacas Undo. Very shortened version for global/nph posting.

maxfpsoff.txt (477 Bytes)

AFK Break timers (automagically already in /say channel) 1min - 5min, 8min, 10 min:

1minbreaks.txt (413 Bytes)
2minbreaks.txt (465 Bytes)
3minbreaks.txt (479 Bytes)
4minbreaks.txt (531 Bytes)
5minbreaks.txt (583 Bytes)
8minbreaks.txt (760 Bytes)
10minbreaks.txt (869 Bytes)

How and where to get Breast Enlargement Social Ability for character.

boobs.txt (396 Bytes)

Workarounds for “not saving settings” bug. No guarantees that those still work after some recent updates and patches.

save-settings-fixes.txt (496 Bytes)

******************************** other Topics posted by me *********************************

[AOC Scripts: What are they? How to make or modify scripts etc]
[Circumventing the Game Errors (revival of old topic)]
[Parsers - setting up, using, interpreting, tips and tricks, etc]
[Enigmata of Yag picture guide to orbs, teleports, ways to top, etc]



Chaos Clicking Colors Choice And More Ver.Dimchik.

chaosclickers.txt (2.0 KB)

Sodabeth - Ardashir Fort Last Boss Tactics.

sodabeth_tactics.txt (4.0 KB)

Ardashir Fort Last Boss Sodabeth, Firstborn & Secondborn Fight Ver.Dimchik.

sodabeth-percent.txt (4.1 KB)

Enigmata of Yag - Ranger Invite Script (ranger post it in /say channel or in /tell) Ver.Dimchik.

Yag_ranger_inv.txt (393 Bytes)

Celestial Necropolis Emotes Ver.Dimchik.

necrop.txt (1.5 KB)

Caverns Of Malice Emotes Ver.Dimchik.

malice.txt (1.8 KB)

Caravan Raiders Sarchophagus Colors Reminder by Dimchik.

sarchophagus.txt (472 Bytes)

House Of Crom Alchemist Boss Cauldrons Reminder by Dimchik.

alchpots.txt (480 Bytes)

Abyss of Kun Whu, Dimchik’s version.

abyss.txt (1.7 KB)

AI District. Cure To Corruption - how to use when you get Sxi Ai’s Taint debuff.

cure_to_corruption.txt (386 Bytes)

AI District - Sxi Ai hints and tactics.

AI_district.txt (2.5 KB)

Kuchemes Next Wave coming timer.

kuchemeswave.txt (558 Bytes)

Coils Of Ubah Khan - Last Boss - Serpent Man Omni-Prophet tactics and tips.

omni-prophet.txt (2.9 KB)

AFK Break timers (automagically already in /group channel) 1min - 5min, 8min, 10 min:

1minbreakg.txt (427 Bytes)
2minbreakg.txt (481 Bytes)
3minbreakg.txt (495 Bytes)
4minbreakg.txt (549 Bytes)
5minbreakg.txt (603 Bytes)
8minbreakg.txt (786 Bytes)
10minbreakg.txt (899 Bytes)

Mastering the Old World chain quest: Dungeons / Bosses / Damage types.

mastering_old_world.txt (3.3 KB)

Northern Grasslands Epic Drops GS/HM 6-Mans by Dungeon:

khitai_epics_grasslands.txt (10.0 KB)

Chosain Epic Drops GS/HM 6-Mans by Dungeon:

khitai_epics_chosain.txt (7.5 KB)

Kara Korum Epic Drops GS/HM 6-Mans by Dungeon:

khitai_epics_karakorum.txt (12.2 KB)

Paikang Epic Drops GS/HM 6-Mans by Dungeon:

khitai_epics_paikang.txt (7.3 KB)

House Of Crom - The Vile Nativity - Argo-Satha boss.

hoc_vile_nativity_argo.txt (5.1 KB)

House Of Crom - The Vile Nativity - Queen Cao-Polyphya boss.

hoc_vile_nativity_queen.txt (5.7 KB)

House Of Crom - The Vile Nativity - Guardian of the Antechamber & Idols of Silence boss.

hoc_vile_nativity_guardian.txt (3.8 KB)

House Of Crom - The Vile Nativity - Overseer Olik boss.

hoc_vile_nativity_overseer.txt (3.5 KB)

House Of Crom - The Vile Nativity - The Little Prince boss.

hoc_vile_nativity_prince.txt (5.0 KB)

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What is RF / RaidFinder and How To Sign Up.

raidfinder.txt (344 Bytes)

%1 %2 Every monday is RF (Raid Finder) day. All can join free raid (only need to be level 80) - press [Ctrl R] and tick box "Weekly raid" and then click "Sign up" button. It then asks to make class selection by clicking Tank/Healer/Damage choice. Wait for "Group Found" pop-up and click "OK" button before timer expires to get in RF instance.

Save Script as: raidfinder.txt

Raid Leading 101. Tips for assembling and commanding raids.

raid_leading.txt (5.1 KB)

RF Raid Leading 101 (shortened version).

rf_raid-lead-101.txt (1.1 KB)

RF The Lady and Lotus Raidfinder Fight calling percentages Ver.Dimchik.

lady.txt (3.7 KB)

Summoning Lurker at the Threshold.

lurker-summon.txt (10.1 KB)

Lurker at the Threshold Boss Fight Tactics.

lurker-tactics.txt (6.5 KB)

T3 Lower Floor Hathor-Ka Boss: Miasma 101.

miasma101.txt (1.3 KB)

T3 Lower Floor Arbanus Boss: Blood Draw 101.

blooddraw101.txt (2.1 KB)

T2 Wing 1 Shatter Stone quest.

shatterstone.txt (306 Bytes)

T3 Lower Floor Master Gyas Boss: Impel 101.

impel101.txt (1.2 KB)

T3 Upper Floor Keeper of Artifacts Boss: QUICK GUIDE TO KEEPER’s ADDs

keeper.txt (622 Bytes)


puzzles.txt (998 Bytes)

T3 Upper Floor Thoth Amon Boss: PRECOGNITION OF DOOM Timer (Start on 1st cast).

precogtimer.txt (2.1 KB)

T3 Phoenix Sword quest for protection ring.

phoenix_sword_q.txt (2.3 KB)

T3.5 Temple of Erlik Bat of Nergal dps timer.

battimer.txt (465 Bytes)

T2 Wing 3 Ibis Sword Material Breakdown for craft.

Ibis_mats.txt (1.4 KB)

T2 Wing 3 Leviathus Fight Formation & Tips.

leviathus_color.txt (3.2 KB)

T3 Ingots for Weapon/Shield Craft Material Breakdown.

t3_craft_mats.txt (1.7 KB)

AFK Break timers (automagically already in /raid channel) 1min - 5min, 8min, 10 min:

1minbreakr.txt (420 Bytes)
2minbreakr.txt (473 Bytes)
3minbreakr.txt (487 Bytes)
4minbreakr.txt (540 Bytes)
5minbreakr.txt (593 Bytes)
8minbreakr.txt (773 Bytes)
10minbreakr.txt (884 Bytes)

PvE Tier Weapons & Accessories & Shields Relic & Gold Costs.

relicsweapons.txt (2.6 KB)

PvE Tier Armor Relic & Gold Costs.

relicsarmor.txt (4.5 KB)

T3 Upper Floor Keeper of Artifacts Boss: Tempest spell silencing order.

tempests_tos-tos.txt (312 Bytes)
tempests_tos-hox.txt (322 Bytes)
tempests_tos-conq.txt (318 Bytes)

Retributive & AOE damage buffs OFF! (DPS and Healers, and offtanks). (for Chatha & Kylikki)

retributive-aoe-off.txt (506 Bytes)

T3 Upper Floor Thoth Amon: Quick Guide to Thoth’s Adds.

thoth-adds-quick.txt (409 Bytes)

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Reliquary (Tier PvE relics vendors) and Armory (Tier PvP Relics vendors) locations.

reliquary-armory.txt (547 Bytes)

Bag Vendors (Inventory Bags, since Resource Bag can only be purchased from online store so far).

bag-vendors.txt (257 Bytes)

Khitai, Turan, Dragon’s Spine Faction Armor, Weapon & Accessories Costs.

khitaicosts.txt (2.6 KB)

Khitai Consumable Books (combo/spell/ability upgrades) drops dungeons.

khitaidropbooks.txt (3.8 KB)

Atlantean Relic Collector & Prices.

atlantean_vendor_prices.txt (2.5 KB)

Vanaheim Armor, Mounts and Accessories Costs.

vanaheim_vendors.txt (2.2 KB)

Portent and Atlantean vendors location

Portent-Atlantean-vendors.txt (222 Bytes)

Mythical Relic Collector [Onslaught Vendor], Onslaught Questgiver NPC [Oracle Vateesa] locations.

onslaught-vendor.txt (300 Bytes)

How to Remove Gems With Tainted Alkahest.

taintedalkahest.txt (1.2 KB)

Ironswill (Alchemy) Recipe Quest in Iron Tower.

ironswill.txt (1.5 KB)

How to start Unconquered Character for Achievement.

unconqered.txt (533 Bytes)

Racing Achievements Location Start/Finish.

Racing_flags.txt (3.1 KB)

Missing Treasure / Excavator Achievements:

missing-treasure-excavator-achievements.txt (2.2 KB)

What is and How To Do Purist Achievement.

purist.txt (2.4 KB)

Milestones for Quest Locations by Khitai Province.

milestones.txt (1.5 KB)

Pit Masters Arena (PVP / PVE Faction-like) Quest and Hints.

pit.txt (341 Bytes)

Insurrection Faction How to Start It and Where are the T4 Vendors.

Insurrection.txt (252 Bytes)

The 11 Sacred Weapons of Hwanung Quest & Achievement.

11hwanung.txt (3.8 KB)

Ampihetheatre of Kharutonia Cloak Quest.

Amp_cloak.txt (1.8 KB)

Blood Defiler Boss for Destiny Quest hints.

blood_defiler_destiny_quest.txt (1.0 KB)

Har-Shebes Boss for Destiny Quest hints.

Har-shebes-boss.txt (653 Bytes)

Heimdall Boss for Vanaheim Expansion hints.

heimdall-tips.txt (1.9 KB)

Magic Harp quest from Scarlet Circle in Northern Grasslands.

magic_harp.txt (205 Bytes)

Gugalanna of Yimsha boss in Turan Coast of Ardashir.

gugalanna_of_yimsha.txt (231 Bytes)

Turan Dead Man’s Hand & Dragon’s Spine. Finding Owner of Dead Bird quest.

dead_bird.txt (263 Bytes)

Tamarin Tigers Quest: Tiger Den Mother Fight hint.

tiger_den_mother_hint.txt (152 Bytes)

Quest “Chosain Conflict”: Pick a side between Tamarin Tigers and Scholars of Cheng Ho factions.

tigers-scholars-start-npc.txt (485 Bytes)

Wolves of the Steppes: Wolf Cub Scents Quest.

wolf_cub_scents-smells_quest.txt (760 Bytes)

Villas in Old Tarantia area and where to get quests to enter them.

Villas.txt (273 Bytes)

Leave Tortage early Quest -The Smuggler-.

smuggler.txt (614 Bytes)

Tortage Smugglers locations.

smugglers.txt (395 Bytes)

Khemi Haloween quest reward [Mark of Sacrifice]. What to do with those?

marks_of_sacrifice.txt (300 Bytes)

Pyramid of the Ancients final boss hint.

pyramid_final_boss_hint.txt (164 Bytes)

Best Armor Faction Choices (my personal preferences).

bestfactions.txt (3.0 KB)

Faction vendors Miscellaneous: Mounts, Pets, Potions etc…

faction-misc-pets-mounts-fm.txt (4.5 KB)

Kill Basilisk Quest for Children Yag Kosha hint.

kk_basilisk_quest.txt (345 Bytes)

Jiang-Shi the hidden faction (how to join).

Jiang-shi.txt (808 Bytes)

Pra-Eun Masks Quest for Scarlet Circle.

pra-eun_masks.txt (171 Bytes)

Halloween quests (4 usual ones).

halloween_quests.txt (761 Bytes)

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Happy New Year 2024 !

HappyNewYear.txt (892 Bytes)

I have reverse-engineered the famous Fail-whale script!

failwhale.txt (734 Bytes)

RF Go Go Go Truck! advertising for Raid Finder

rf-go-truck.txt (293 Bytes)

Alaskan Bull Worm (Yak/Yakmar/WB Yakmar) - Sponge Bob reference.

alaskanbullworm.txt (344 Bytes)

Ninjas and how to deal with them!

ninjas-joke.txt (570 Bytes)

Did Somebody Say Tank?!

tank.txt (504 Bytes)

Fish: Something’s Fishy!

fishy.txt (192 Bytes)

Fish: All that bubbles talk makes fish so jelly!

fishy-bubbles.txt (220 Bytes)

Top 10 AOC addiction signs - humorous list from some old guild forums.

top10addictionsigns.txt (1.2 KB)

Happy Thanksgiving! from bunny:

tbunny.txt (304 Bytes)

Happy Thanksgiving! (turkey-bird):

turkey.txt (3.0 KB)

Happy Halloween (bunny version)! Can add text after the script like so:

/hbunny.txt Happy Halloween!

hbunny.txt (505 Bytes)

Fancy Gratz! Colored message for posting.

gz-fancy.txt (336 Bytes)

Fancy Gratz, reverse curved letters version.

gz-fancy-reverse.txt (354 Bytes)