Circumventing the Game Errors (revival of old topic)

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Additional suggestions marked by *, also some wording corrected in few old suggestions.

Circumventing the Game Errors
- AOC Annoyances and Workarounds -

  1. Semi-invisibile mount (only the mane and tail are visible) or character:

Zoom in the camera (with the mouse wheel) and zoom it back out.

  1. Several horses neighing and panting:

Dismount the horse.

  1. Your character is running upon the back of your fine steed:

Find water to jump in. Relogging also fixes it.

  1. You press SHIFT (the sprint key), but your character is not sprinting:

Press “H” to hide and stop hiding;
If you are in combat, find someone who can knock you back;
Find water and take a swim;
Press and hold X (active blocking) or drain your stamina by side-step or by any other means.

  1. Your weapon is “floating” near you:

Press SHIFT+R (change weapons) twice.

  1. You opened the chest, but the loot is not showing up:

Ask the leader to select Loot Option “Master Looter” then select “Free for All” again. Get out of loot box (close it). And click box again to roll loot out.

  1. You see that other members in your group have low health values, but actually they are healed up:

Ask everyone to press SHIFT+R twice.

  1. You are suddenly below the map in a minigame or solo instance:

Relog and reenter the minigame/instance.

  1. You have joined a minigame, but you cannot get into the minigame itself:

Press “Leave minigame”, close the window, open the window, select the minigame, wait till you disappear from the queue or a message pops up, click the queue again, click “Yes” in the new window.

  1. [Human error, raids only] You (or both sides) petitioned misdistributed or deleted loot to a GM, but he refuses to do anything about it:

Since the changes to tech support, the mislooted items will not be redistributed by GM. You are out of luck.

  1. Someone in a minigame had used “apprenticeship” on you, and you accepted it. You left apprenticeship during a minigame, lowering your effective level to the real one:

Ask someone to use “apprenticeship” on you again to get to a better level. (That does not still solve the problem in full).

  1. You type a private message to someone who is really online, and it says “[name] is offline. Your message has been buffered.”:

He will never see it. Write the same message on a public channel.

  1. You cannot see beards or your character is not updated on the log-on screen:

Log on to see the beard. Log on and log off to update the character.

  1. You get “Error 11” while trying to log on:

Wait for 5 minutes and try again.

  1. Everything is too blurry:

Press F10, select Video, choose “off” in “Antialiasing”.

  1. Talisman or talismans are not visible in your hands:

Press SHIFT+R (change weapons) twice.

  1. Energy resource covers your typed text, other texts, or just your abilities:

Move the Energy resource somewhere, read or type the text, and move it back.

  1. The game asks you to check the database sometimes when you launch it:

Don’t do it unless the game is not working at all.

  1. The game is not running at all or the patcher is stuck downloading something all the time you launch the game:

Try to use Age of Conan Quick Start from if you are on Windows 7 or below to skip the patcher.

  1. The game asks you to verify itself before launching the patcher:

Skip it unless the game refuses to work properly.

  1. The friends list is not showing up (none of your friends are online), and you want to see offline friends:

Find someone online and type /ignore twice.

  1. You see a tiny little window after launching the game:

Focus on the window and press ALT+ENTER as many times as needed. Go to options, select your preferred video option (fullscreen, windowed, fullscreen-windowed).

  1. You suddenly appear invisible or moving supine or prone on the floor:

Jump or zoom in and out.

  1. Your game hangs while you press ALT+TAB:

Do not press ALT+TAB during loading screens or cutscenes. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to locate ageofconan(dx10).exe and stop the task.

  1. You see people teleporting around you. You cannot land a hit:

Play a character with 2-handed weapons if they are teleporting not too often;
Play a caster if they teleport too often.
Move to Western Europe with a good Internet provider or move to the USA.

  1. You want to create a group; but one week you can do that, and the other it is impossible:

Every first week of every month, it is very hard to form or find a lot of groups or raids because of the World Boss action. Do not quit the game. Wait for a week or two by playing another game or doing something else outside of the game

27.* Guild Bank not responding to putting in or taking out items while you do have rights/rank to do so:

You need to close Trader interaction and re-open it to fix. ability to move items to different slots in it, or stack same resources without taking them out of guild bank is lost forever it seems.

28.* “This action is prohibited while in combat” but you’re not in combat:

Relogging fixes this.

29.* Your character is running uncontrollable one direction or spinning in spot.:

Double Tap that direction key to stop him doing this.

30.* What to do if you character is stuck inside wall or other object or texture and can not move out of it:

Type in AOC game chat: /stuck
If this not gets you out, also try going in combat mode and double-tap direction out of the obstacle.
Alternatively use Path of Asura, any other Path you have not on cooldown, or your Totem Of Origins.

31.* I’m trying to form a continuation of raid, but some people I invite end up in a different “uncleared” instance:

A locked to the cleared instance character has to start the group (and be Raidleader). If group was started by someone who was not locked to correct instance - this happens, even if he passes lead to another character in group or raid.

32.* I accidentally dragged interface element out of screen area and can not find or drag it back in:

Try changing to Full screen mode and back to Windowed mode you had before: press Alt Enter few times. All interface elements will go back to default spots and sizes.

33.* One of my buff potions is stuck at 0 time on it left:

Relogging, zoning in or out of instances, or porting to another area fixes that.

34.* I clicked a recipe book and now my Tradeskill window only shows that recipe and nothing else:

Relogging, zoning in or out of instances, or porting to another area fixes that.

35.* As Herald of Xotli I notice leaving a “statue” of my character right after using transformation spell/ability:

This happens if you keep “Equipment” window opened on screen while transforming. Close the “Equipment” window and it will not happen again.

36.* I start climbing a ladder or a climbspot, but my character can not move afer few steps or instantly falls off:

Something in climbing mechanics got broken few patches ago. Only way to fix it, is to press spacebar key to fall off and start again. If you are far up (imminent death of falling) you can instead do Path to another area or Totem of Origins travel, or /camp and relog.

37.* Invisible Necromancer character:

This happens when using Supreme Lich form, after zoning or logging-in, while the buff is on. Zoom in the camera (with the mouse wheel) and zoom it back out.

38.* Conqueror have 2 buffs after resurrecting, but both are not working:

You have to recast discipline and formation after rezzing up.

39.* Everyone else in the group says Milestones have been in the loot that was roled out, but I did not see any:

Items that have “Can have only one” in their description may not show up in Need/Greed pop-up or even in the loot box(for your character), because you already have same one in inventory. Just place the Milestones as per quest, to get rid of them in your Quest items, so next time you will see them roll out and will be able to Need/Greed on them.

40.* My Barbarian has Expanded Momentum (on Mastery side of AA) take only Prowess points, and Expanded Sidestep (on Prowess side) take Mastery points:

Yes the two AA requirements are “reversed”. It’s a known bug just for barbarian class. No solution, but to keep putting in points that AA asks for, or Expertise points.

41.* My pet is not helping me to break a breakable loot box or barricaded obstacle. For example: Cistern dungeon Renato Savill’s barricades:

Known issue - only melee pets can attack such objects and will not even do so, unless manually sent to attack the target (casting pets will do no damage, or give up after sent to attack). That includes necro pets, or any attack-capable pets outdoors.

42.* One or more of trash mobs has disappeared into textures.

Need all members of group/raid to hide and dismiss all their pets. Mob will re-appear in its default location.

43.* I need to ride past hostile NPCs but I am constantly being knocked off of my mount if they land a hit on me.

You need to boost Stagger Resistance AA ([K] key). Picking mount that adds more percentage of Stagger Resistnce helps even more. Finally, making mount jump ([spacebar] key by default) at the moment of being hit by NPC-s, will reduce chances of being knocked off of it.

44.* I ride through a bridge to a different zone, but can not click Yes in time, and message to zone through diasappeared.

You need to click the Yes on the message, when it appears, there is certain length of area, to get the pop-up, it may disappear and let you stranded at invisible wall just past that area. Come back few steps, to see the pop-up again.

45.* My Alternative Advancement pet dies when I put point in any AA. Example: Cacodemon.

Yes, this is annoying, but easily fixed. Just re-summon the pet.

  1. *I start game clicking “Start” button, but it does not open a window or full screen, instead it turns into a line without any possibility to enlage or resize it.

This happens if you clik mouse or use keyboard keys, while starting game. So try not to use any keyboard or mouse, until game opens window or full screen. It is possible to fix “one-liner” window, just need to do Alt Enter until the desired mode is opened (this will cycle through Windowed, Full screen Windowed and Full Screen modes).

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Stamina keeps draining after respawn.

–》 jump once

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  1. *I start seeing square patches of ground in different color from the surrounding ground color, sometimes those start flashing when my character moves.

Textres have not loaded correctly and you have high probability to crash game very soon if continue playing. It’s best to relog character in this case, or completely restart AOC client software.

  1. *Summoning the travelling merchant while on a mount. No merchant appears and contract is on cooldown.

Just dismount before clicking Travelling Merchant Contract or Permanent Travelling Merchant Contract.

  1. *You have self-rezzed or taken a resurrect from another player mid-fight, but now boss’s cast bars are blank, even so you see it do casting moves or attacks.

Seems to happen every time lately, solution is to immediately after rezzurrecting to turn away from boss for a second and target something else or just make sure it’s no longer targeted (target a player or another mob or even click on ground), then after you tab-target or click the boss - its attacks or casts will start showing up in timer bars for you.

  1. *Getting stuck in a doorway. Game zones you in or out of instance but you seem to be attached to doorway and rubberbanding into it when moving.

Try clicking the door to (temporarily zone you in again). Path or aggro nearby mobs to kill you also seem to work, relogging sometime will not.

in my case it doesn’t work. If I change vanity I see that the characters update themselves, yet the beards are invisible


It is only sometimes fixeable, it seems. Even some of my characters have the invisi-beard bug :frowning:

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