The beauty of Age of Conan`s world

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Wow, some of these screenshots look like the pictures they used in advertisements and so on that obviously were photoshopped to look better but damn, mods are simply awesome to make this possible in the actual games!

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Indeed, no Photoshop only my custom Reshade preset with lots of shaders

And why ypi not posted that reshade?

Everyone should share theirs as well.





Omg… I can’t believe it’s a game… it looks sooooo real, this is a reminder why we’re still playing :slight_smile: too bad this company put this amazing game in scrap book…


P.S My screenshots are done without Reshade or SweetFX filters.

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So why u wont share reshade preset with us?

Ok, because I love the details of this game and you have already posted so good sights of Hyboria, here some of me.


Still my favorite world design. For all the technological engine and details the likes of ESO, GW2 & SWTOR have, for me they lack the spark of life and realistic vastness of this misterious world.

And the fact that it’s supposed to be our Earth circa 10,000 years ago, takes it from the realm of fantasy to an archaeological dream.


Have not been able to find a working Reshader file with presets…

It’s a damn shame Jawn took down his Postcard series of AoC footage from all content from all those years ago. He went to a lot of effort making them (all filmed in DX10 when it was barely even supported), and they looked GOOD.

There used to be an online AoC music player as well. A quick search didn’t reveal it, but the audio in this game really makes it something. Footsteps crunching on the snow always made this Stygger’s spine tingle.

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Old dx10 was a WAY better then dx10 afer Dreamworld upddate in 2011.
Just look at this and compare to present

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I found some very old screenshots (2011 and 2012) on one of my USB sticks, this one I found really beautiful and wanted to share it:

During the morning hours in game the godrays become slightly pinkish-rose colored (same with the clouds in the sky), in combination with the already red colored “Red Forest” in the Province Chosain it creates really beautiful sceneries.
This was taken completely without any graphical mods like SweetFX or ReShade, purely in game graphics (though I played around with gamma and brightness in the graphical settings back then I think).


Comoare old engine to new one and see, that new is crap