Parsers - setting up, using, interpreting, tips and tricks, etc

Parsing Essentials (for any parser in AOC)

Age of Conan Unchained has a great feature, that is not ON by default, it can write all combat messages into a Log file (text file, where each line has time index). Parsers are software programs that interpret that text file into a table with results.

To start logging Combat to a file - use chat command in game:

/logcombat on

This will create a file in AOC folder (“C:\Program Files\Funcom\Age of Conan”) named something like:


All AOC Combat logs are named Combatlog-YYYY-MM-DD_HHMM.txt

You will see an in-game chat message:

Logging combat to CombatLog-2019-01-29_0555.txt.

To stop logging Combat to a file - use chat command in game:

/logcombat off

To simplify this process, I’ve come up with /parse script, where: /logcombat off is followed by /logcombat on … so you stop old parsing file and create new one in same command.

What happens if you do not close file logging by /logcombat off - it will stop only when game is closed and in case of lags or other problems can get corrupted and not contain all the info you would expect. Just swapping characters from Character select screen does not stop or start new log file by itself.

[AOC Scripts: What are they? How to make or modify scripts etc]

**** Save below lines as: parse.txt *****

/text %m Starting/Ending Parse
/logcombat off
/logcombat on

Use in game chat window:


Important: If you are using my /parse script, select not the top/latest combat log file in the list, when parsing, but the 2nd one from top, because top/latest one will likely be just fresh opened log and not yet filled, since running the script.

ALL are welcome to add their own parser related hints / guides etc. to this thread

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Where to download the parsing software:

BurnStats 1.04

To download latest and unfortunately no longer developed version go to this link:


To download one of latest and unfortunately no longer developed version go to this link:

ACT - Advanced Combat Tracker

To download working version go to this link (Be sure to use the 3.2.2 version, since Dalen’s plugin isn’t compatible with the newer one):
or here

You will also need Dalen’s AOC Plugin:

There is a new plugin AgeOfConan.dll by Meathooks that works for latest ACT version.

Requiem Nex Combat Monitor v24.00-unlimited (08/Oct/2017)

To download latest and totally free version go to this link:
or in this thread:

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Setup and using BurnStats 1.04

Props to Nifie (Creator of BurnStats), and also Ocelotti and Merkaal, who helped.

Note: Some of my screenshots have special yellow border and extra symbols in window title, like “[#] BurnStats [#]”, as well as some russian characters, just because I’m doing them from a virtual sandbox software - you will not have them normally.

1.Just UnZip (Windows 7 and higher opens Zip files as a folder, or use Winzip / WinRAR) the to your Desktop, creating folder “burnstats_104”

  1. Double-click to start the BurnStats from that folder and we can start simple setting up:

  2. Click the “Select” button in BurnStats window, and select the folder where Age of Conan game is installed on your hard drivve.

  1. Click Ok when you have found the folder and clicked to highlight it.


  1. We now click the “Parsing” tab in the BurnStats window.

  1. Setting up “Own name” in BurnStats. Type any name you want to use (not need to be exact like alt name) it in empty field next to “Add name” button and click “Add name” It will be in the list next to “Own name” from now on.

7.Click “Update list” to find a current combat log file (top is most recent log in the list).

  1. Select log file you want from the list and click “Start”, to start parsing.

9 You will likely have to teach BurnStats Names of Players and Bosses, unknown stuff can be classified as Trash including adds, non-attackable boss forms or can be Ignored like tos idol, cacodemon and such. The lists for recognized bosses, players, trash mobs or Ignored can be edited in BurnStats own text editor later (in tab “Edit lists”).

  1. First Player name question, just click “Player” to confirm, and so on 23 more times for a raid (Names will not be asked for same players again, but 1st time you need to teach the software who’s not an NPC).

  1. If Boss name pops up, like “Cetriss”, we click “Boss” button, and so on, until progress bar in the middle of window fills all the way to the right. At which point I usually click “Continue” to make sure all preparations are finished to show parsing results.

  1. We now click the “Reporting” tab in the BurnStats window. Where you will see 1 or more “Encounters” and “All Encounters” in the list.

  1. Click on “Encounter 1” and highlight it. Then click on “Generate report” button below it. This generates a script-report for use in game called: burnstats.txt in your “Age of Conan\scripts” folder. Its ready to use in-game, just type in game chat box /burnstats.txt

14.You can also look at results directly in BurnStats window by clicking the “Damage” or “Healing” to the right of the "Encounter 1 ".

:clap:Congratulations on your first parsing! :clap:

To close BurnStats software, just click “X” in its window upper right corner or press Alt F4. It saves changes while you do them, so no special closing/saving progress button needed.

What if Boss or Player got erroneously sorted as something else? We edit lists in BurnStats itself. Open Burnstats, and click tab “Edit lists”.

In this case “Vanir Digger” does not belong in the list of Players. As a general rule - Player Names with spaces are so rare, you can assume any name in player list with spaces and multiple words is an NPC with 99.9% success rate. So just find it in the list, click to highlight “Vanir Digger” and then clik on “Remove” button on the right side of window, and its gone. It will however pop a prompt to sort that NPC name while doing parsing next time (if encountered again), or if you click “Start” in the “Parsing” tab to redo the current parsing. Same editing can be done for all the lists BurnStats keeps.

Special cases where Boss need to be ignored and Adds damage matter or vice-versa. As an example we will add “Neesa” mini-boss from T6 fight to Ignored targets list. Open BurnStats. On the Right side of “Settings” Tab we find “Ignored targets” and under that text there is an empty Text entering field. We type (name has to be exact, with correct spaces or Uppper/lower case letters): Neesa

After clicking “Add”, Neesa will appear in the list of Ignored target names, and damage done to her or healing she got will all be ignored in output stats table. Removing incorrect name or just to have full report on all the bosses/adds in encounter is just as easy. Click name of NPC to remove and highlight it in the list, click the “Remove” button and its gone (but to add it back you will have to type it in again, as per before instructions).

Burnstats 1.04
Extra features

Now I will explain how to see damage or healing details per character in parse and to send it in a tell to a character in-game:

Here we have an example parse for last WB Obsidian Basilisk:

Looking at top DPS we see Khaskara as such and we would want to see how he did it:

Some are not doing great dps and are at the bottom of the list :slight_smile:

So we click on “Encounter 1 Obsidian Basilisk” (this also works for “Encounter 0 All Encounters”, which would be for all fights since parsing started and until finished) to highlight it:

We click a little “+” (plus sign) to open the list of players in the “Encounter 1” (left of it).

We scroll the list and select “[demo] Khaskara” and in the right side panel “Overview” it already tells us how much dps did he do with Electrical magic, Fire magic and Unholy magic, in percentages:

Now for the details of his spells, we click “Damage” tab on the right of “Overview” tab:

Even more on the right is the “Healing” tab (definitely useful for healers), and “Targets” tab (Targets only shows WB here, so i did not include it, but it may be useful to find out who hit NPC they were not supposed to, for example) :

Now how do we send this parse to the player in a tell? We select in the middle left of window, instead of
“In Game Report” -> “Normal”,
“In Game Report” -> “Tell” (move the dot):

Now we type in under the “Send as tell to…”, player name “Khaskara” to send it to him (for example only)

And to make it a smaller script parse (39 players involved !!!), we click a checkbox “Strip colors” - this will make it normal chat color, without all gradations of yellow and red, but still very readable and way less size-wise. We click on “Generate report” button and we’re done!

Only thing left is to type /burnstats.txt in game chat.

Congratulations, now you can do more with Burnstats!

remember to never post one of these in raidfinders, people hate seing their own performance there :scream_cat::scream_cat::pinching_hand:

I dont use burnstats, but it does the job, thanks for the guide.


There used to be some US guilds who would complain that they shouldn’t be posted due to it might discourage their players.

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It sounds like a good reason to post them… :grin:

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