Standard leveling path? Is there one?

Obviously finishing Tortage at 20ish, but what is the standard/most efficient leveling path after Tortage?

Subscriber with all expansions if that helps.

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You are not locked to a specific path (except your Destiny quest NPC is always for your character’s race). I think the levelling was intended to be through race-related areas, like so:

Race - 1-20 level area - Hub - 20-40 lvl area - 40-55 lvl area - 55-75 lvl area - 75-80 lvl area

Cimmerian - Tortage - Conarch Village - Connal Valley - Field of The Dead - Yimir’s Psss - Eiglophian Mountains - Atzels Approach

Aquilonian - Tortage - Old Tarantia - Wild Lands of Zelata - Old Tarantia Nobles District - Thunder River - Old Tarantia Commons District

Stygian - Tortage - Khemi - Khopshef Province - Turan - Dead Man’s Hand - Kheshatta / Dragon’s Spine

Khitan - Tortage - Gateway To Khitai Trading Village - Gateway To Khitai - Turan ? -Dead Man’s Hand ? (level 40-75 Khitan specific areas suspiciously missing, I guess use one or two from any other race) - Northern Grasslands

Personally I prefer to go with Gateway to Khitai after the Tortage - until lvl ~37 then move on to OT Nobles District doing both Forgotten City+Breach and Villa Dungeons, do the Armsman Arena as soon as levelled enough for it and then Turan (Coast of Ardashir), followed by Conan’s quests in Atzels - then can start raiding tier one (lvl60+ raids) and continue Atzels until you can do Northern Grasslands quests around level 76 - Khitai factions and outdoors quests after that to level 80.

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There really isn’t one, it just depends on what you want to do. Personally I go to Khemi, then loop back and do the Old Tant & Conarch Village one’s and then move to Khopshef Province and do those. After that I move over to Gateway.

After that it just depends on how I’m feeling and what I want to do.

Just from what I’ve seen, I’d say more work went into the Cimmerian zones than the others, it being Conan and all but I’ve just never been found of the whole snow covered areas.

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There are several options, and it can vary, depending on if you’re free to play or have a subscription (aka, 30% xp buff).

First of all, after Tortage, you can choose between Connall’s Valley, Wild Lands of Zelata, Khopshef or Gateway to Khitai. If you have the xp buff, one of this area might be enough, otherwise you definitely have to go to at least 2. There are some considerations:

  • The final quests in Connall’s are open world group quests, and it might be hard to find enough people interested in doing them. You may find a lvl 80 willing to help, but then you’d lose the xp from mobs;
  • On Khopshef, you get the quests for the Pyramid of the Ancient, a solo instance that gives quite a lot of xp and a good mage cloak. There’a also Black Castle, which is a nice group instance, but is quite long, so it’s not trivial to find a group and clean it. Some of the final quests here are open wold group quests too;
  • On Wild Lands there’s the Sanctum of Burning Souls, a group instance that drops much better gear than Black Castle. It’s quite common to find people farming it, usually with the help of a lvl 80;
  • Gateway has 2 solo dungeons, which can drop good accessories, and since the level of the dungeons scales with your level, also does the lvl of the items dropped.

I don’t have a clear preference here, depends mostly on my mood and on where I have been with my previous characters. The only one I don’t like is Connall’s, mostly because there’s very little freedom of movement outside of the roads.

After that, at lvl 40, I usually go Noble District and after that to Fields of the Dead. If you have some lvl 80 friend, he can help you farm FotD Epic, for some lvl 50 blue gear.

Then, at lvl 50, you can choose again between Eiglophian and Coast of Ardashir, with the extra option of Ymir’s Pass, starting from 55. You can combine them is several ways. A few considerations are:

  • Amphitheater of Karutonia has a quest for an epic cloak (lvl 63);
  • On Ardashir there’s another solo dungeon that scales with level (Dead Man’s Hand), and the arena quest gives an epic weapon (lvl 55);
  • At level 58, you can also get the epic weapon from Armsman’s Arena, in Noble District;

After that, the options are much more limited, usually I do Thunder River, then I go to Atzel’s Approach, until around lvl 70, then I move to Kheshatta and I switch a few times between Khesh and Atzel’s, until I have done all the quests I can do, then (around lvl 74-75), I go Common’s District. This usually brings me to lvl 77.

For the last levels, you can try to get a group for Crow’s Nest or Atzel’s Fort, farm the repeatables in Common’s, go to some of the solo dungeons you found earlier, or to the Slaughterhouse Cellar (another solo dungeon) in Thunder’s River.


I have my own “path” and if you don’t mind repeating it with all your chars this is what i do : Tortage -> Gateway to Khitai -> Tarantia Noble District + Field Of The Dead -> Eiglophian Mountains (Sometimes you can skip FoTD and come straight here) -> Thunder River + Atzel Approach -> Khesatta + Tarantia Common District + Slaughterhouse Cellar in Thunder River if still need xp = LvL 80

You can switch some areas between if you bored leveling in the same area, EX instead of Gateway to Khitai go to Wildlands, Conall’s Valley, Khopsef. I chose Gateway after Tortage because i know every quest there and i get lvl 40 without no problems quickly so i can move on to Tarantia Noble or just go straight in Field of the dead to be ready for Eiglophian Mlountains.

Have fun.

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This is great. Yours and everyone else’s assistance is greatly appreciated.


Generally, I level to 16 on tortage (in the underhalls [epic], specifically.) Then, I talk to the smuggler, and head straight to khemi, as I only play casters. Last, I then level from 16->80 in Kheshatta. I’ve been feeling rather spunky as of late, and have decided my next character will level from 16->80 in northern grasslands, Pin Pin specifically.