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Purchased all the major DLC (except for the very last), so it is interesting in what order to explore the world? After Tortage go to Khitai or another location? Tell me please, how best to move so as not to miss interesting quests?

After Tortage, you will be automatically brought to your homeland, but of course you can choose.

Typically, I do some quests in the main hub, then I move to a lvl 20-40 area. Which one I choose depends mostly on my mood, but in general, Khopshef is my favorite, and Connals is the one I like less.

However, the best to get decent gear is Gateway to Khitai, because it’s the last one that have been added to the game, and unlike the others, the quests gives useful armor. There are also 2 repeatable solo instances (Forgotten City and The Breach) that you can use to fill some eventual level gap.


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Alots going to depend on what you want to do at the start. After Tortage you have a choice of any of the 4 beginning zones. Like Yawgmoth I’m a fan of going the Sytgia route and doing the Khemi and then Khopshef zones. After that I might skip around to the other beginning zones just to fill in the gaps before moving to the Field of the Dead.

Most of where you’ll go is going to be driven by what level you’re at, while at the start you’ll have a lot of choices (20-40 range) it’ll get less as you level up. Look here:

Aquilonia; Old Tarantia 20+, Wild Lands of Zelata 22 - 38, Tarantia Noble District 40 - 80, Thunder River 60 - 70
Cimmeria; Conarch Village 20+, Conall’s Valley 20 - 32, Field Of The Dead 38 - 50, Eiglophian Mountains 50 - 60, Atzel’s Approach 60 - 80
Stygia; Khemi 20+, Khopshef Province 20 - 38, Kheshatta 70 - 80
Khitia; Gateway to Khitai 20-40, Khitai (Godslayer expac) 80+
Turan; 50-55 Dragonspire 80+ Valhiem 20 - 80 (scales to your level)

If you use the map feature in game and shift to world view you can float over the regions to see the level coverage.

The downside of the game is once you outlevel an area you won’t see the quest markers anymore so it’s a bit hard to find them. For that you’ll need to google the area for quest givers so you can manually look for them.

Hitting the interesting one’s? Khopshef is good, Turan, FotD in the swamp(?) part (little island area mid game, lower), Gateway - the quests up against the wall where you choose which faction you’ll work for.

Boring: Quests in any of the resource zones.

The thing is almost all of the quests are just standard MMO quests, for AoC it’s the dialogue you can have with the quest givers that give them flavor, life if you will. So dive in, don’t be afraid to insult, talk back, be an a-hole etc… If you get shut out, just start over. Big take away - Enjoy yourself.


No matter what toon I play, after I leave Tortage, I go to Khemi to get the Shadow of the Brotherhood quest from Tali. Then it’s off to Khopshef Province to kill the Man in Black and pick up the 3 quests for Bubshur House. After that, I might go either Gateway or Wildlands depending on my mood… Soldier toons get better gear from quests in the Wildlands, but there are more repeatable and fast quests in the Gateway. Either way, it pays to get the box from the store, cause it has a swift mount in it that really helps you get around those big maps, as well as a nice set of purple gear that means you don’t have to grind for gear for many levels.

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If it is you are a new player, I like the idea to pick the beginning zone of your race, they are all nicely themed. I would not worry too much about gear and quest rewards, you will find good enough gear regardless where you go, although the others are right, if you are concerned about this Gateway of Khitai gives overall the best gear.

If you stay in one zone you will most likely get and do all quest, all areas have their unique quest chains. If you level characters of the other races, too, you will get to know all other areas. This is kind of what lots of veteran players did. This way you will get the feeling of the overall story, what happens in the world, which threads lurke around, and how the political situation is. All of this is loosely tied into all areas.

And just because it seems to be underrepresented I want to strongly recommend Conalls Valley - mainly because you do not get the feeling of sand EVERYWHERE (Kopshef) or an itchy feeling (Wild Lands), and because of the music. For me Gateway is the less…polished area, in terms of lore fitting, but this is just a personal preference.


Agreed! The best feeling about Conalls valley when Helene Bøksle start singing in “The Lure Of Atali” while you are heading up some mountain side to fetch a quest objective. You stop for a while, listen to her voice and start looking around thinking what a beautiful envoirment you are in. memories! <3

Can’t say I’ve had these moments in any other mmos. It is when you have these moments you really fall in love with Age of Conan. :slight_smile:

However, if you plan heading to Conalls you should be ready to swap zone to some of the others at about level 30. Around that point some mobs become elites and the rest is basicly ment for group play. :confused:

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