Icons from Age of Conan

Here are most if not all icons from the game:

Should be able to preview them there.
3 236 icons in total. Many are in 3 different sizes.

The image number corresponds to the icons id. You can use that in a script if you want.
Like this: <img src='rdb://number'> / <img src='rdb://3726031'>
To be able to view them in a script place them inside a “container”:
<a href="text://<img src='rdb://3726031'>">clickable-link-here</a>

Credits: Sirkhus


Thank you, i love the art of this game

Thank you. - I wonder if the maps could be extracted as well?


Thank you very much!

I found the easter bunny in those icons :heart_eyes:


I found the bunny in the game:

happy Easter!

:rabbit: :rabbit: :rabbit:


Maps look pretty barren without any stuff… but recognizeable:
1010013 - Maps Merged (JPG).zip ~70MB - recommend use Right-Mouseclick and “Save-As” to save the file or Ads will pop-up

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Did you use RDBExtractor (that one from a decade ago!), or something newer and more capable? I remember extracting all the media files from the game and having them sit there for occassional perusal, even the ORIGINAL game files. A few interesting things in there, even a chainsaw audio file if I recall.

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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately these maps show up as tiles which must be combined. I think it’s easier to take a screenshot of the maps ingame with the additional icons being shown.
I did such a map some years ago when farming mats in Poitain. If someone is interested, here it is. Labels are in german, but I think that doesn’t matter :slightly_smiling_face::


I just extracted that very image from AoC’s current RDB-set and it was the very first image, complete, no conjoining.

12070 - $0F679034 - #000

Who want’s a copy of RDBExtractor?

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The file is still available at the author’s homepage:



The map themselves, as in the 3d art, or the map images. The map images can be extracted easy enough with the RDB extractor. I’ve extracted 1000s of 3d assets with another 3rdf party extractor, but there are occasionally random glitches, which lead to a handful of 3d assets looking weird.

Also the way Funcom have pieced the maps together is odd. I imported many into Unread Engine, and the scaling is off. yet in 3ds Max things look better. Because there are so many thousand of assets per area, it’s a very timely process to sift through everything.