Icons from Age of Conan

Here are most if not all icons from the game:

Should be able to preview them there.
3 236 icons in total. Many are in 3 different sizes.

The image number corresponds to the icons id. You can use that in a script if you want.
Like this: <img src='rdb://number'> / <img src='rdb://3726031'>
To be able to view them in a script place them inside a “container”:
<a href="text://<img src='rdb://3726031'>">clickable-link-here</a>

Credits: Sirkhus


Thank you, i love the art of this game

Thank you. - I wonder if the maps could be extracted as well?


Thank you very much!

I found the easter bunny in those icons :heart_eyes:


I found the bunny in the game:

happy Easter!

:rabbit: :rabbit: :rabbit:


Maps look pretty barren without any stuff… but recognizeable:
1010013 - Maps Merged (JPG).zip ~70MB - recommend use Right-Mouseclick and “Save-As” to save the file or Ads will pop-up

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Did you use RDBExtractor (that one from a decade ago!), or something newer and more capable? I remember extracting all the media files from the game and having them sit there for occassional perusal, even the ORIGINAL game files. A few interesting things in there, even a chainsaw audio file if I recall.

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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately these maps show up as tiles which must be combined. I think it’s easier to take a screenshot of the maps ingame with the additional icons being shown.
I did such a map some years ago when farming mats in Poitain. If someone is interested, here it is. Labels are in german, but I think that doesn’t matter :slightly_smiling_face::


I just extracted that very image from AoC’s current RDB-set and it was the very first image, complete, no conjoining.

12070 - $0F679034 - #000

Who want’s a copy of RDBExtractor?

The file is still available at the author’s homepage:


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