Kuthchemes communication script

made a script for myself for situations in pug grinds where u wanna navigate the grp somewhat but you dont wanna stop and type. thought i might aswell share it here incase someone could use it.

Bigger version for higher resolutions then 1080p

Smaller version for resolutions at 1080p or lower

Copy the text, go to your Age of Conan/Scripts. Create a new .txt with whatever name you want, for example kuthchemes.txt. Paste the code and save.

To access it ingame you write kuthchemes.txt in the chat + enter, and it will pop up


modified a existing henryx script so kudos to him, If someone is good with html maybe they could fix how to make the group-messages colored in red or something, im a complete neewb.


I miss the Stop all magespells and spam slam for 20min to spawn the boss! (CALL IT) :smiley:
I miss henryx scripts when i see this, anyway it will help the pugs. GJ <3

/Ubermiley the clown

that one is left out for a reason :nauseated_face:

I really like this idea. I should have thought of it. Thanks for the script.

Smaller version added by Caudilloo that takes up less space on 1080p or lower resolutions.


Very nice. Was up to do a similar one, but found no time. Very nice thumbsup

Hey Mori, now I tested this script, the smaller version (i like my wide view in this great game).
May I link your thread in my scripts and guide thread ? Link

Best regards

Can you add some General Shoutouts :
‘Follow me, pls’
‘Stay close together !!’
And maybe the ‘Dont Lott’ shoutout in caps ? :smiley:

I could do it by myself, but its your script…