Suggestion on TaF

So with the TaF you can buy purple weapons and talisman. Its great because you dont have to lvl any of these from green. My suggestion would be to add glyphs and signets with the npc. It doesnt have to be anything good since its gonna be used as fodder. Any thoughts?

We now have pink glyphs occasionally drop from mission bags, I guess 1pip pink glyphs could be bought as well.
But there are way too many signets for this. Few dozens of them, plus some are more useful than others. It’s supposed to be a challenge to get one. We can fuse only the same type and there are no pips so it’s not just fodder, it’d be pure p2w thing, not gonna happen.

I dunno if you’re aware of this but it already exists. In the IM you can buy it for 1500 aurum. And since TaF is also a premium currency, I see no harm in adding it. You can only get TaF from opening caches.

Also you get purple glyphs? Just which missions are you doing exactly? I only get green and rarely blue.

What exactly exists and what’s ‘IM’?

…Wait, you mean catalysts? I sure forgot about them since it’s way easier to upgrade things than pay 1500 aurum. but sure, if you talk about catalyst I guess there’s no harm in selling them for taf too. :thinking:

Also, uhm, usual missions. Pink drop is rare but they drop.

Purple signets and glyphs upgrade items, IM is Item Mall and yes Im talking about catalysts

Your monitor or graphics settings may be slightly off…

They aren’t. It’s more about color names and fact that for me purple is different color. And this one is forever pink for me.

The particular hue used in the game is apparently known as Medium Orchid and is quite definitely a shade of purple. But you’re free to call it anything you’d like, I suppose.