Is there official no ping for siptah?

is there official no ping server for siptah ?

I was wondering the same. Many of my current friends and clan members are from around the world. Having no no-ping servers would be problem.

hello hello funcom, where are the official no ping server for siptah ? it was a way to play with friends
all over the world, it was allowing to create friendship through ocean (because not all people are toxic), yes i know there was a lot of problem with cheat & exploit, but well it was making tough exiles, able to survive anywhere, and more important of all to be friend with people on other side of world.

Please put again two no ping server for pvp, one Us with california time pvp hour, one no ping for europe, as it was for conan exiles. can you confirm us that we will have no ping server for siptah ?

i know we are living in a time of quarantine, but human mind need to explore world and see other cultures, and by crom conan was a traveller too, thank you :=)

So the good news is that Funcom is adding servers but the bad news is that none appear to be no ping yet.

Please Funcom, for those of us who play with folks around the world, make several of the servers no ping similar to Exiles.

I have two friends who will not buy the update because of this issue.

Thank you

please funcom, give us an answer, a lot of people have issue wtih that, in exemple our australian friends who want to play with north american or eurpeans have actually a problem. Is conan in quarantine on siptah ? :slight_smile:

Hey there,

At the moment there are no No Ping official servers available for Isle of Siptah. But if there’s a new batch of servers added, we’re planning to at least include a No Ping alternative in it.
For a list of servers added and any others added in the future, please check this thread:

Thank you Ignasis.

Hoping that this happens. As mentioned this will allow us to play the map with friends made on the old map. I know of several folks who are waiting for the official no ping to come out before buying the new DLC/map.

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So maybe I’m doing a poor job of looking but I see that there were servers added but still no no-ping? Apologies if I’m missing the obvious.

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and still lot of people not buying dlc because of that, or having great trouble to play with their friends…
please funcom no quarantine for conan :slight_smile:

quitar el ping en server official 6303 pvp de latam queremos jugar con gente latina tambien abrir los servidores sin ping

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