Is there time to reroll?

I know it’s been said the Saga end date will be announced close to the end, but can anyone give me an idea if I have time to re-roll now? I have about 2 hours of game time for two sessions daily, sometimes a bit more. Thanks for any replies, especially should a GM weigh in.

I don’t know your usual pace, but I’d say you still have time. :slight_smile:

It is very very very quiet at lower levels and pretty dead at end level with a few fury persons leveling alts up to 10 unfortunately. You would well make it but will it be fun…

Thanks for the reply!

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i can easily powerlevel you to 80.

just today we launched a 24 man raid into kesh and kept usb on farm. several of our lowbies dinged 80.

however we lost all the events.

i just wish i could get the new players to focus fire dps and not tanks.

oh well such is the burden of a new player guild

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We actually won group death arena before regrouping at Oasis.

yes it true we can actually do rather well…i learned a few things from khopshef guild that increased my pvp effectivity by 30%. However the number 1 problem with EoS is they really need to log on to discord more. Just that and some basics and theyd do fine. They have the numbers…just need to focus fire better. A good pvp leader is all we need…im not that.

There is a simple answer to that problem. Get in Discord or no group. Sometimes being a hard a$$ is the best approach.

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being an A$$ is the best approach for holes. I prefer to avoid holes. Very hard to get kicked from my guild.

Remember why BLR collapsed? Just cause Buttons didnt like what Bloodvax was doing for fun she booted him. After all he did to help build that guild. Call that leadership?

Actually kicking players from a guild is quite dumb, me when i have to kick someone i’ll tell the player to pack his s* and to leave within 2 days before he gets the kick. I’m a kinda of scary guild leader.

I agree i think 99% of the players quit if asked to or like Beowulf last night actually change.

one thing i know for sure is no one changes because they are picked on or booted. In my experience that makes it worse. Give them some friendship and ask nicely…thats a better way.

They would be in the mini afk tag or not.