Is this a new cooking station coming?

So just seen the Conan Outcasts announcement, couldn’t help but notice a screenshot of the bazaar items.

Please be a new cooking station coming. It looks really nice.


I believe this set was on the previous rotation (it will return later)
But its only decorative, not functional.

Edit: The tent gives shelter credits go to Firecrow
Edit: The cooking station is not in the package credits go to everybodyvsME

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That’s not part of the Hunter’s Camping set. I have that. Tent, sleeping furs and a bench seat. I’m asking about what looks to be an alternate campfire. I want it.

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Yep I see it, looks like some kind of tripod? Hope we can cook things with it.


All things so far on the store have been decorative only so far so unfortunately I’m thinking this tripod thing will be too.

Shame, it would be a cool new campfire!

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I am way more interested in where this picture was taken :face_with_peeking_eye:

Looks like near Sepermeru looking north west from somewhere eastish of the city.


Yep, you can see the Crowngrove in the background, and those palm trees look like the Oasis of Nekhet.


What announcement is this?

This looks suspiciously like a mod. This fireplace is also available on my server.

Might be Emberlight, I’m not sure, sry

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Jesus! They’re using mods to present their official release of Conan Outcasts? Should’ve known with the placeable weapons and shields.

There goes the hope of adding a bit more variety to workstations on consoles. Thank you for clarifying this though. :+1:t2:

Not necessarily. There are also assets present in Conan Exiles that modders have simply made available to players. (I don’t know if this cooking station is one of them)

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Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate this :+1:

I so loved the scenery from that picture, and I think I found the right place which turns out to be on the hill behind Klael’s Stronghold, which actually is one of my favorite places to build :slight_smile:
I couldn’t find the same angle as shown in the picture, but most things seems to line up, so it must be there, although I cannot get any clarity in my game, I’ve had an insane amount of fog ever since they changed the lighting, also my view distance is pretty poor even though I have all graphics on the highest setting(cinematic) in 1440pon my RTX 2080TI and volumetric fog turned off but that setting seems to nothing at all, it looks absolutely horrible at a distance, but I guess that is just how it is for everyone else also :frowning_face:

The original beautiful scenery:

And here’s mine from roughly the same spot, one at sunset and one at noon:


I think you can still toggle fog details on/off with “r.fog” command.

r.fog 0 - turns off
r.fog 1 - turns back on

Thanks, I tried entering it in console, but it doesn’t do anything at all.

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Just to note, the tent is functional. You can get full shelter under it.



Weird, I guess it requires to be logged in as admin.

I tried it in singleplayer with admin enabled, and it didn’t do anything, also turning fog of in settings doesn’t do anything when playing in Exiled Lands, however I think there is a small difference when playing on Siptah :slight_smile:
I did find this thread and I am gonna try it to see if it changes anything :slight_smile:

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