Is this illegal?

And will it collapse on Tuesday?

How about this?

(Fence foundation pushing through doorframe from below to create a large window)

Been asking the similar questions for 2 days now, I really hope these will be OK…


Not sure about the first pic, but I would say that the 2nd pic should be ok since the fence foundations don’t really occupy an already built block, it only pokes through from below to create a window effect on the upper door frame.
If the raised technique is illegal too then I will be in trouble in a few places around my base, nothing game breaking for me though since I mostly used it for decorative purpose :slight_smile:

They all appear fine to me, but I’m new.

I have a suspicion that the reason Funcom is being a tad tight lipped about what is and isn’t considered illegal is because they aren’t exactly sure…

I think we can all agree that the weird black magic some people use to over engineer walls is not at all what was intended but using clipping and stacking for aesthetic and reasonable enhancement may very well have been.

The (over simplified) problem is, code doesn’t really like opinions like these. Something either is or it isn’t.

Funcom may very well intend for us to do things like this (which look really cool, BTW) but coding for this while coding to disallow fence foundations to be crisscrossed umpteen million times will likely prove beyond their ability. At least on the first shot. Funcom has a habit of having to patch their patches, and then having to fix those patches

My guess is that if you use fence foundations or clipping for any reason you should expect that you base will be in a state when this patch comes out.

Plan Accordingly.


I hope it will be legal because after you made me discover this I want to reply on my base too :star_struck:

Hey there,

We have updated the original announcement with some important information and clarification.

We have started a new thread to focus all feedback and questions here:

Please use it to discuss all things regarding this fix.
Proceeding to close this thread. Thanks for your patience and understanding :slight_smile:

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