Is this just my imagination?

The Giant-king Lorestone at Klael’s Stronghold and Warmaker Klael himself, talk about the humans who reveal a new weapon agains the Giant-Kings back in the days of the ancient war.

In the end, we were betrayed. During a skirmish in the north, the humans revealed a new weapon forged of their strange science. It smashed through the ranks of my troops, turning those captured in its blast into solid stone. Those who survived fled south to lick our wounds. ~ Warmaker Klael

When I now look at these withered trees near the brimstone lake, I mean to recognize 3 souls / beings / creatures / people / whatever there.

Is this just my imagination ? What did you think ? Coincidence ? Intention ?



Weapon in question is just sulfer gas. (as no mention of it happens again)

The creepy “screaming” trees are from books. (if memory serves) I think its more coincidence of placement.
(Humans can’t hear screams, but some of other creatures do. ) Child of Jhebbal Sag mention this.

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First time i saw that trees i was rly creeped, i tought it used to be humans


What if the shattered springs use to be a treant grove, and Rotbranch is the Treant King there, cursed to live as an undead treant, for having resisted a sorcerer?

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