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My experience so far with Isle of Siptah has been almost entirely negative. I like PvP, I don’ mind raiding, what I do mind however, is being forced out of competition due to what I perceive as a flawed system. I am ok with the resources being spread out, I am ok with having to hoof it to get them. What I cannot stand so far, is that what ever clan was the first to do a good surge(or just had the RNG) has the most ridiculous advantage off the rip on PvP servers, especially if they’re a bunch of toxic trolls. First server I played on me and 3 others joined on the first day, there was a clan doing a powerful surge the very next night. Full 10 man clan. How do you compete now? We went to summon our own after raid hours a day later but only a “normal” one for 200 unstable, 3 of us, 7 of that clan rode up on horses with their newly acquire exceptional epic gear and flawless weapons and decimated us, then proceeded to kill all of the NPCs and probably made off with useful ones. Is this really how the game is supposed to go on this map? There is nothing worth fighting for gear, nothing drops comparable armor sets like Unnamed City, or getting a recipe mid to late game to be able to have a good set like Silent Legion or Godbreaker. My current server we werent even on for 2 hours and were getting run down by horses and sabretooths. We’ve had 1000+ ping at every Maelstrom cause the 8 man clan on this one(who also had the first surge summon) just abused the gas arrows and brings the damn thing to its knees, then does a surge almost every night. We cant go fight them with crap gear and weak weapons pumped out by our T1 wild surge thralls. It’s just starting to get extremely disappointing, and I was extremely excited and ready to have fun after spending some outrageous amount of hours in the Exiled Lands. Please share what you think and keep it cool.

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The internet empowers toxic asshatery. If you want to PvP, I would recommend doing it in a structured, controlled and moderated environment. I hard core PvP on a lot of games but I would never chose CE to do so. It’s masochistic. Some people like that but recognize that is exactly what you are going to get if you venture inside.

For me this game is the ultimate minecraft and pokemon game and I prefer just to chill by myself and explore and build. I’m enjoying Siptah but it’s got a lot of PvP group play mixed into my peanut butter. It’s almost like the game and the designers are trying to have it both ways and it shows. It’s funny being on the other side of this one. Usually I’m grumbling about PvE changes hurting PvP.

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This is one of the most irritating aspects of the siptah thrall mechanic that you point out, and I didn’t really think of. In Exiled lands no-one can keep you from getting thralls, while on Isle of Siptah a large clan can literally prevent everyone else on the Server from ever getting anything better than T1 thralls if they try.

So yes you could have Epic gear, I did it on my server, it will just cost you 50% more resources than it costs them to build the same thing.

It also occurs to me that a clan that was dedicated enough could literally keep a large number of the vaults on cooldown on their server, blocking others from using them.

Some really frustrating emergent gameplay elements here. Thanks for making this post and bringing them to light.

Not at all. It’s the first thing we hear when it comes to this game.

I myself would be stuck at step 1. Holed up somewhere - as there are a ton of small hiding places - and stealing whatever I may reach.
Actually this game was once considered to be about clanpvp, meaning 10 players being supposed to dominate clans with less people. (Long ago, though.) Unfortunate enough, this obviously means that all of this “whining” about surges being too hard to farm is useless as this is part of that too.

And thanks to let everyone know about the issue with gas arrows. Havent used them up until now and now I kind of wonder if I should just discard all of them. Or will I use them to troll trolls? Heh.

If you have evidence that a clan or player is causing the server to lag out with very high ping because they’re farming the maelstrom in a way that causes that, you should report them using the standard procedure.

As I understand it, Funcom considers this an explore and had already sanctioned players for engaging in it.

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I’m all about the Survive. Build. Dominate. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and have been in successful, but smaller clans on PS4. Its just becoming hard for me to wrap my head around what the thought process was for this map? From a PvE standpoint, Siptah would get pretty old pretty quick. The vaults don’t become more challenging, they’re all genuinely solo-able and thats about as end game as it gets. The surges themselves are not hard to farm for, they’re impossible to execute after a clan of less than favorable folks have done it before you and are now equipped to ruin the experience. When my surge was messed with, it wasn’t even them that messed it up, as players, it was the fact that they have a TON of thralls somehow in the 18 days since the server has been alive, left their base naked with a thrall in tow, killed themselves at the leyshrine and did this about 10 times. We couldn’t attack their thralls cause it wasn’t raid time, and they left 10 decent thralls that killed everything that spawned in. Is this an oversight? Is this me complaining? I think its bogus and frankly feel like the hype i had is beyond gone plus there is no other satisfaction. Now my days consist of not having the thralls I spent time grinding??? For while a clan is pumping out thousands of arrows each day while I’m hoping I can make enough steel reinforcements to keep them from getting in my base.

Its almost 3 weeks in, no one on my perma 40/40 official pvp server has a t4 armorer yet. Honestly, its a good feeling knowing they are trying to increase the value of things in the game (as well as the vastly increased time to craft new armors, etc.). Things actually feel worth obtaining in this new system. I remember times on exiles official pvp that we would have hundreds and hundreds of t4 thralls, and they felt about as valuable as fiber. Anyone can get full t4 crafting thralls in one day (yes, even a solo player on official pvp).

The real problem the map (and game in general…) has that its completely revolves around RNG. I am GLAD it takes a long time to get t4 armorers, but the way you get them just gets old fast and is so boring. On top of that, there are so many types of armorers and trying to get a specific one, yeah well forget about that lmao. This is another flaw in the new system.

I would rather grind my ■■■ off, do something difficult, and be guaranteed something in return. Take boss fights in ark for example, they take a lot of time with prepping, and in the end you are guaranteed a certain amount of an end game resource + new recipes. This is a BEAUTIFUL example of an end game loop.

I love the vision of the new map but they have some work to do about the boring pure grind RNG mechanic this game revolves around. I love grind but its really bad if it feels like a day job.

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When I first started on this map I too thought it would be more of a brawl for resources, but its become more of the same, except with the already mentioned crippling one sided balance issues. There is a reason why people choose to build in Deserters Gutter, Tyros Passage, structures in the jungle, the Crevice etc. On the Exiled Lands. You NEED some structure that can’t be damaged to be able to focus on defending your entry point(s). This map provides very few locations that are like that and you can bet your ■■■ that each and every server has somebody in every one since day 2. I am built up high on a mountain but the clan that I mentioned that had the good surges early comes to my base and hits my base with no less than 1000 explosive and gas arrows a day, cause they have the thralls to pump out that many every day. I’m struggling to make enough steel and wood for repairs with T1 thralls every day. No way in hell I pull off a good surge unless I take a day off of work and attempt it at 2 or 3am, which aint about to happen. This is just forcing an elitist mentality and makes it so that if you aren’t committing literally 16 hours a day or more to try to work around the grief you might as well move on.

Funcom: “Yes”

100% more + 1 actually.

Just look at the hardened leather recipe (Hardened Leather - Official Conan Exiles Wiki):
Normal: 5 leather, 2 thick leather, 2 alchemical base, 5 oil
T4 Armorer: 2 leather, 1 thick leather, 1 alchemical base, 2 oil

Epic Armor Sets are super expensive to craft, even with a T4 armorer (light armor being the cheapest one). In order to compete against the current PvP META, which is horse + sabre tooth, you are required to use Epic Armor (you will only get 1-2 shot in normal, non epic armor). So additionally to the epic armor, you also need to level up sabre tooths and horses in order to not get screwed up completly.

Weapons on the other hand can be obtained rather easily by just farming star metal around the tower in the middle. Well easily can also be replaced with “hardly” when the enemy keeps camping that as well with horses and sabretooths.

When you finally managed to get epic gear + horses + sabre tooths, you can farm for chaos for a good surge. Then you have A CHANCE to get a T3/T4 crafter at one of the leyshrines. As you described, you will get camped by the other clan that already has better equipment.

Since Funcom doesn’t want skilled players to win encounters like 1v3 or 2v5, they constantly change the PvP in favor for the group of people with better gear and pets. So this will put small clans at another disadvantage.

When you are trying to get thralls at a surge, expect to get knocked down a lot by the leap attack from the cats and the horse player crushing into you. They will also deal massive damage to you (more than 50% at least). So your only chance is to stop knocking out that thrall with your truncheon or javelin and to get on your horse.

Yes and only horse. There is no real counter against horses if the enemy is at least semi competent.

Edit: Don’t forget attribute buffs and antidotes next to aloe pots. Good players will run with all buffs and even warpaint applied.

But, Enjoy your PvP!


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