Is witch doctor feat still in the game?

I dont think I found the item to unlock it while going thru summoning place… so the question is is the witch doctor feat still in the game?

Id love to have ghasts patrolling my necromantic base…


Ok, its in the patch notes. I love how its listed under “general bug fixes”.

My guess is that they’re re-imagining the Witch Doctor stuff for a later chapter in the Age of Sorcery.

I mean, since all those assets exist already, all they need to do is re-balance them to be fun and profitable and find another way to distribute them to the players.

Zombies doing the Thriller dance all over my base is fun and all that, but a Silent Legion honor guard would be more aesthetically pleasing, and less smelly, in my throne room.

(I don’t actually have a throne room, but a man can dream, yes?)

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You can still get the witch doctor recipe from the surges so the recipe should also be removed from the game me thinks :slightly_smiling_face:

They left it in the devkit for modders to use. Sounds like they also just need to remove it from the loottable from the surges.

Followers you created with the witch doctor feat are still in the game. I still have my Legionnaire and Undead Hyena.

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same here, still have a legionaire, a wraith and a skeleton warrior that is a kinda bugged, while dragging it to place and guard he turns invisible and reapears when placed. Im wondering if i should delete him to not bug the server.

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