Isle of Siptah crafting options gone

Hello fellow Conan addicts!

I have a problem since yesterday on a private Siptah server. Most of my crafting options in my player menu are gone even though the feats for them are unlocked. Same goes for benches. I’m still lvl 60 and I have no idea what I did wrong :expressionless:

Please see the images down below and help me resolve this issue.

I’d suggest moving this to the Xbox bug reports section, it’ll have a greater chance of getting noticed

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Looking at that top image, it looks like maybe you have one of the crafting filters selected. (On the crafting menu, the 5 little circles at the top - the first one looks like it might be highlighted.) If you select that filter a second time it should turn it back off (or select the other filters one at a time to view the recipes in those categories).


You literally saved my day lol. I haven’t noticed this at all!


I was sure it was a “me” problem rather than a bug so that’s why I chose this section . Thank you for your time :relaxed:


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