Isle of Siptah: List of Bugs and Feedback from Experience

As I’ve been playing on the Isle of Siptah I created a list of any feedback / bugs I could bring to light (I have seen a good few of the things I’ve noticed already brought up, but I figure why not reiterate anyways).
This is all gathered from single player.


  • Most chests (be it regular or the final chest) in vaults have no loot in them.
  • Enemies in the Sanctuary of the Serpent activate their own traps (and damage themselves with it, too).
  • Bosses sometimes don’t spawn at the end of vaults.
  • Glowing goop, or whatever lines the walls of the underwater vaults, is extremely bright (along with this, the runes on the leyshrines that are supposed light up the higher level the surge is are just lines of light rather than glowing runes).
  • Archer AI has a very hard time hitting serpent men (I would assume werewolves too, but I’ve not brought an archer to fight them yet), usually shooting underneath them where they’re hunched over.
  • Wild bison and elephants are extremely frail.
  • Some of the vaults have no music at all throughout the entirety.
  • Enemies in the Asylum of Outsiders spawn twice.
  • The custom music in the Refuge of Gremlins vault stops playing once the boss aggros the player.
  • Maelstrom creatures & bosses spawn on and in structures.
  • The delving bench lets you attempt to delve shields, but there’s no recipes for it to give (I could definitely be wrong on this, but from what I saw there’s no legendary shields you can get recipes for).
  • Rhino mounts make no footstep noises.


  • Getting heads of the new creatures (bison, lynx, lacerta, etc.) is extremely difficult. This could be a bug where they don’t drop a head at all but I’ve chopped up several of each creature with a cleaver / hatchet and I’ve yet to get a head from any.
  • Maelstrom creatures 1-shotting t3 structures seems a bit much. While I know you can change the settings to reduce their damage dealt, it seems pointless to try and build in the maelstrom for anything other than baiting spawns of boss creatures (though the only other reason I can think to build there is for a convergence trap).
  • Final bosses of the vaults could be a lil tougher, most (if not all) feel like a slightly tankier grunt creature.
  • There should be some way to cancel bandaging, or make it so you hold the bandage button for the duration you’d like to bandage yourself. If anything it would be nice to just dodge to cancel it so you don’t press the bandage by accident then have to wait about 10 seconds while your follower gets annihilated by a boss, or while you’ve got something running right up to you.

and last but not least:
please look at scorpion damage, they’re still slapping enemies with pillows

That’s about all I’ve got, so far I’m in love the with Isle of Siptah; it’s gorgeous, it’s fun to explore, and the maelstrom is a blast to run around in with a follower. I’m really looking forward to the expansions planned for it in the future.
And on a final note, I absolutely love that mounts run away from combat, I haven’t seen any mention of this but it’s one of my favorite parts of the Siptah update.


Yep, Siptah looks great.

At first I was on the fence about the volumetric fog and the lighting, but now I can’t imagine playing on the old map without it. It makes the world feel a lot closer to your character. It’s more immersive.


I think the aggro range should be severely cutback. Some of these monsters chase you across 2 grids before the system realizes the hiccup.

I was about to write here about some of these bugs too.

Glowing goop, the music in the Vaults, mob spawn in the Asylum of the Outsiders (In my case, boss was spawned two times. One inside of another and they were unable to walk or attack bacause of it.), normal chests inside of the Vaults are 1/3 time empty (I haven’t seen yet empty “boss” chest thou.), and in the “east” serpentman vault (can’t remember the name right now) didn’t spawn the boss today.

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Gotcha, my apologies.

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